Best Dual Shower Head: Which One Is Right For You?

There’s nothing quite like a warm, steamy shower to wash away the stress (and dirt) of a long day. Picture this…water falling down like rain at the perfect pressure; a handheld shower head that makes getting clean easy; and all of it crafted from high quality materials that function - and look - like a dream. With the best dual shower head, this image could be your reality.


An amazing shower is the ultimate luxury - a simple way to create a true retreat and oasis in your own home. And while many homeowners spend a lot of time planning the design of their shower, creating the ultimate shower experience really comes down to the quality and functionality of your shower head.


When you use a dual shower head, you’re getting the ultimate cleaning - and relaxation - tool for a dreamy shower. Keep reading to learn more about how to find the best dual shower head for you.


What Is a Dual Shower Head?


There are so many different types of shower heads on the market today, from rain and handheld showerheads to low pressure shower heads and shower heads with different spray options.


While each piece of hardware has its benefits, a dual shower head is unique in that it combines two popular shower heads into one. The kind we’re talking about today combines two of the best shower heads: a rain showerhead and a handheld showerhead.


By combining a rain shower head with handheld, you get the benefits of both fixtures and can experience the ultimate dreamy shower.


Benefits of a Rain Shower Head


rain shower head is all about the experience. If you’re looking to capture the feeling of a luxury hotel or spa in your own home, then a rain shower head is the way to do it. Rain shower heads are typically large, ranging from 8 to 12 inches, so you get fully drenched when you’re standing under one.


Rain shower heads can typically be installed on the ceiling of the shower or on a standard wall mount shower arm, offering flexibility for your preferred set-up. With this flexibility, a rain shower head can be a focal point of your shower design and even your entire bathroom - helping to create a true oasis in your home.


Benefits of a Handheld Shower Head


A handheld shower head may not seem as luxurious as a rain shower head, but what it lacks in spa-like style it makes up for in functionality. A handheld shower head is the ultimate cleaning tool. If you want the best dual shower head system, then it’s going to be an important component. 


Use a handheld shower head to clean specific parts of your body or to provide a targeted, relaxing massage to a sore back and shoulders.


If you have kids or pets, a handheld shower head is a must-have. Use the shower head and handle to rinse off squirmy kids and dogs more easily. You’ll be less likely to end up soaked and everyone will have a more enjoyable bath experience.


Handheld shower heads are also great tools for cleaning the shower itself. Use the handheld to quickly and easily rinse off cleaning agents after scrubbing down the tub and shower walls.


The best dual shower head is shown in a white and tan shower


Finding The Best Dual Shower Head for You


When you’re ready to add the ultimate double shower head system to your bathroom, it can be overwhelming to find the best dual shower head for your needs. There are so many options out there, but the choice really comes down to two main categories: a custom DIY double shower head or a pre-made dual shower head system.


A Custom Double Shower Head


While a 2-in-1 fixture may be the simplest option for a double shower head, quality can vary significantly. Too often, manufacturers put too much focus on getting all components into one package and sacrifice some of the quality and features you may be looking for in each individual shower head. 


By building your own custom system, you can ensure you get the best dual shower head for your needs. 


Building a custom double shower head is as simple as having the right components. Typically, you’ll need three primary pieces to build a DIY dual shower head system:



The fixed shower head may be a rain shower head or may be a simple wall-mounted shower head - that’s up to you! The shower diverter valve ensures that you can run water to both shower heads independently, without having to do any fancy plumbing work or hire a professional.


Click here for a full guide to building a custom DIY dual shower head with handheld.


A 2-in-1 Dual Shower Head and Handheld Combo


While building a custom double shower head may be the best option for some homeowners, you can still get the luxurious shower of your dreams even if DIYing feels too complicated. 


While some 2-in-1 shower heads sacrifice functionality to get all components into one package, there are others on the market that offer both simple installation and high performance parts.


Most 2-in-1 shower heads will feature either a rain shower head with handheld or a traditional wall-mounted shower head with handheld. Determining which 2-in-1 system will give you your personal best dual shower head comes down to a few key factors.


 The best dual shower head is spraying water in a black and white tile shower


What Makes for the Best Dual Shower Head System?


If you’ve decided to go for a 2-in-1 shower head system, it’s important to ensure you’re purchasing a quality piece. The following characteristics are some of the things to consider when purchasing a rain shower head with handheld combo.


Things to Consider When Choosing The Best Dual Shower Head for You


  • Quality of Materials: Many shower heads on the market today are made with cheap plastic parts that only look like metal. For the best quality and long-lasting durability, make sure to find a 2-in-1 shower head made with all metal parts, including both shower heads, shower head hoses and installation hardware.


  • Functionality: Of course you want your dual shower head system to work well! That’s kind of the whole reason you’re buying it, right? So pay attention to whether the shower head will meet your needs. Does the handheld shower head offer just one type of spray, or are there multiple spray options? What is the water pressure like? How long is the hose for the handheld? All of these factors can make the difference between a double shower head that is just OK and one that is the best dual shower head for you.


  • Color and Finish: Functionality may be your top priority, but we all want a shower that looks good, too. So, it’s important to look at the color and finish options a 2-in-1 shower head system offers. While the vast majority of dual shower heads are available in traditional chrome, some options may also be available in finishes like brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, gold and even matte black.


  • Type of Shower Diverter Valve: When researching dual shower head systems you’ll probably pay the most attention to the shower heads themselves, but the less glamorous shower diverter valve is equally important to consider. In particular, determine whether a 2-in-1 system has a two-way shower diverter or a three-way shower diverter. With a two-way diverter you’ll only be able to run water to one shower head at a time. With a three-way diverter you can use both shower heads in tandem.


  • Type of Installation: The way a double shower head system installs is another important factor to consider. While many on the market can be installed fairly easily by a homeowner, some systems may require the help of a professional plumber. Make sure that you know the type of installation you’re getting into before purchasing your dual shower head system. Make sure the product you purchase has clear installation instructions, too, so you’ll have an easy time getting your new shower heads up and running.


Our Recommendations for a Luxury Double Shower Head


So, taking into consideration all of the factors laid out in this post - what does the ultimate dual shower head system look like? At The Shower Head Store we recommend the HammerHead Showers All Metal Dual Shower Head.


This dual shower head kit includes: 

  • 8-inch rain shower head
  • 4-inch handheld shower head
  • 3-way shower diverter valve with built-in shower holder


This double shower head system comes together in one easy-to-assemble kit and includes one of the most durable shower diverters on the market. And because it includes the external shower diverter, this kit can be installed to any shower arm.


Both shower heads include upgraded nozzles for increased water pressure - even when you run both shower heads simultaneously. And the handheld shower head includes a 72-inch metal hose so it can reach even the farthest corners of your shower. 


Because each component of this kit is metal, it offers long-lasting durability and performance.

Find all our best dual shower head systems on The Shower Head Store website, along with the all-metal shower components you need if you prefer to DIY a custom double shower head for your bathroom.


Have questions? Contact The Shower Head Store today to talk to one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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