Dog Shower Head: Why You Need One to Make Bathing Your Pet Easier

Pet owners love their furry friends - they’re really part of the family! One of the best ways to treat pets like family is by regularly bathing and grooming their fur. But with a choice between expensive grooming appointments or wrestling with your dog in a bathtub, it’s not always easy to keep your pet clean. That’s where a dog shower head comes in.

Keeping your dog’s fur clean and trimmed is essential to their health and happiness. Bacteria and dirt buildup, fleas and ticks, and allergens can all cling to your dog’s coat and cause serious health issues. Unfortunately, professional dog grooming and bathing services can be very expensive, adding unexpected or unreasonable costs to your monthly budget. 

Thankfully, you can cut the cost of dog grooming services and spend more quality time with your pet by bathing them at home with a shower head for dogs. With the right dog shower setup, including a handheld shower head and extended hose, you can give your dog a bath in your own shower! Keep reading to learn how to make bathing your pet easier and cheaper with a dog shower head

Should you bathe your dog at home with a dog shower head? 

If you’re considering whether you really need a dog shower attachment to bathe your pet at home, it’s important to think about how frequently you need to clean your pet.


So how often does your dog need a bath? Depending on your dog’s breed, fur type, and activities, they may require multiple baths per month. If you have an adventurous pup on your hands, you may find yourself booking frequent baths to get rid of mud and dirt. 

Even if your dog stays indoors, you probably book them a bath every time they start to smell. As much as you love your pet, you don’t want them bringing dirt and odors into your home. 

Dropping your dog off at the pet grooming salon every time they need a scrub can take up a lot of your time and money. It can take days to get an appointment with a local groomer, leaving your dog’s fur dirty or smelly for an extended period of time if you don’t have a dog shower attachment at home. Even once you get an appointment, it typically takes hours for a professional dog groomer to get around to bathing and drying your dog, especially if they have a full schedule. 

You also have to shell out a pretty penny when it is time to pick up your pup. On average, standard dog grooming services can cost between $30 and $90 per visit. That adds up considerably if you book multiple services each month! 

Giving your dog a bath inside your house may seem like a daunting task, especially if you have a large pup. But it can be very easy with the right dog shower head. A standard handheld shower head costs about the same as a single trip to the dog groomer. A special dog shower head set up costs slightly more but it makes for the perfect pet shower set-up. Over time, those savings add up considerably!


a brown and white dog is washed with a dog shower head

How do you give your dog a bath at home with a dog shower attachment? 

While saving time and money sounds great, the actual process of bathing your dog at home can seem impossible. For pet owners with big dogs or squirmy little ones, a simple bath can quickly turn into a messy ordeal. Thankfully, there are some affordable tools you can use to make the entire process easier and cleaner, including a dog shower head attachment and a dog shower hose. 

Standard shower heads are fixed in place, which makes it difficult to bathe your dog because you can’t control where the water goes. This usually results in a bath for you and your dog with water ending up all over the floor. Luckily, you can quickly solve this problem without any fancy equipment or needing to add a special dog washing station to your home.

Purchasing a regular handheld showerhead attachment is enough to create your own dog shower at home. We recommend a dog shower head set that included a 3-spray handheld shower attachment, 108" extra long hose and a special valve that reduces water to a trickle while lathering up.

Basically the shower head attachments connect directly to your existing shower, making it easy to control the flow of water, so you can direct the water stream on your pup and away from your clothes! The extra long dog shower head’s hose also helps you reach into the tub and around your pet, washing away the dirt from their bellies and paws. 

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Ready to see just how simple cleaning your pet can be with a pet shower attachment? Keep reading for tips and tricks to bathe your dog at home with a handheld shower head.

Using Your Dog Shower Head At Home

Make sure your dog shower head is securely connected to your existing shower to prevent any leaks or spills. You should dress comfortably in clothes that you don’t mind getting a little wet, and remove your dog’s collar, bandana, or other accessories. Have the right shampoo for your dog’s coat on hand and keep plenty of dog-friendly towels nearby. You don’t want to have to reach for your nice towels when it comes time to dry off! 

Next, prepare your dog for bath time by letting them wander freely into the bathroom. This will help prevent them from getting anxious or nervous during the process. Speak to them in calming tones and spend a little time brushing their coat to make them more comfortable. 

Dog Shower Water Temperature

You want your dog to be comfortable throughout the bathing process, so it is important to pay attention to the water temperature coming out of your dog shower head. While you might prefer to take a steaming hot shower, your pup will probably not enjoy the scalding water. On the other hand, cold water is not as effective when it comes to removing dirt and bacteria. 

The perfect water temperature for a dog shower is mildly warm or lukewarm. Test the water with your hand before turning the shower head on your pet. You should also keep the water pressure low to avoid hurting your pet with a harsh water stream. 

How To Bathe Your Dog with a Dog Shower Head Attachment

Use your dog shower head or handheld shower attachment to fully saturate your dog’s coat with water. The handheld attachment allows you to control where the water goes, ensuring it ends up on your dog and not your floors. You can even purchase an extra-long shower hose to act as a dog shower hose, making it easier to reach every part of your dog’s fur. Be sure to keep a hand on your pup as you hose them down to prevent them from shaking all the water off before you’re done!


A small dog is washed at home with a dog shower head


Next, you can turn the water off while you lather your dog up with soap. Installing a shower head shut-off valve also allows you to temporarily stop the flow of water at the showerhead without having to turn the shower off completely. This helps maintain water temperature and flow while bathing your dog. 

Rub the shampoo into your dog’s fur the same way you would rub it into your head. Your dog will love this part because it acts like a mini dog massage. Be sure to avoid their eyes or other sensitive spots to prevent stinging or discomfort. The soap should sit on your dog’s fur for a few minutes before you rinse it off with the dog shower head. 

Drying Your Pet After a Dog Shower

After you have rinsed all the shampoo out of your dog’s fur, it is time to dry off. Place a dry towel on the floor for your pup to stand on and then start drying them off with another towel. It is really important for your dog to dry off completely. Damp spots can lead to hot spots on your dog’s skin, so towel drying is a crucial step. 

You can repeat this entire pet shower process once a month to keep your dog’s fur healthy and clean. It is also safe to bathe your dog at home once a week, but only give them a bath that frequently if it is truly needed (like after they’ve taken a mud bath outside!). Bathing your dog too often can cause damage to their fur or dry out their skin. Be sure to talk to your dog’s vet if you have any questions about how often to bathe your pet. 

Start Saving on Dog Grooming with an At-Home Dog Shower Head!

If you’re ready to stop overpaying for professional dog grooming and bathing services, it is really easy to make your own dog shower at home. Bathing your dog in your own shower can save you up to $90 per month and provide fun memories with your pet. It can also help you ensure that your dog’s fur is being properly washed on a regular basis. 

Pets are part of our families, and we want the best for them. Bathing your furry friend at home with a dog shower head is a great way to bond with your pet as you brush and groom them. It is also a fun family activity, especially if you have young children who would love playing with your pet in the soapy bubbles. Add on the cost savings and you have a win-win solution to a common pet owner problem!


To start saving on dog grooming, you can purchase a dog shower head set from The Shower Head Store for the price of a single dog grooming appointment. If you already have a handheld shower head you can grab accessories like an extra-long shower hose and shower head shut-off valve to make the process of bathing your dog at home much easier. With just a few simple and affordable products you’ve created your own perfect shower head for dogs at home!

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