High Pressure Shower Heads

Here's a bit of our secret sauce

In our rigorous testing, we've been able to achieve a water pressure increase of up to THREE TIMES the standard shower head water pressure! 

Proprietary Pressurized Nozzles

Which ACTUALLY PRESSURIZE the water. Think of it like holding your thumb over a garden hose, that's essentially what our nozzles are specifically designed to do — giving you not only consistent water volume but HIGH PRESSURE to rinse through the thickest hair or dirtiest day. 

Using State-of-the-Art Flow Regulators (Not Restrictors)

We use Flow Regulators that are specifically designed to adjust the flow rate depending on your water pressure. This means that you'll still get the HIGH PRESSURE DELIVERED regardless if you have low household water pressure. Most shower heads come with "Flow Restrictors" that do not adjust, meaning you could get EVEN LESS WATER than the stated amount!

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