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Whether you are waiting on your order or you just got it, this is the page for you. Here you can find all of our Installation Videos. We'd highly recommend watching our install videos before getting started, so you avoid any installation issues.

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Installation Videos


  • How To Install The HammerHead Showers Shower Head Filter
  • How To Install A 3-Spray Dual Shower Head
  • Installation: How To Update A Shower With New And Matching Fixtures
  • Installation: Handheld Shower Head Set | No Plumber Needed
  • Installation: Hammerhead Adjustable Shower Arm
  • Installation: 2-Inch Shower Head in 2 Minutes
  • Installation: Dual Shower Head in 4 Minutes
  • Installation: Shut of Valve for Shower Head
  • Installation: 3-Spray Handheld Shower Head with Trickle Valve (Dog Shower Head)
  • Installation: Dual Shower Head
  • Installation: 2-Inch Shower Head
  • Installation: Rain Shower Head
  • Installation: Toilet Bidet Sprayer Set
  • Installation: Shower Head Holder
  • Installation: Shower Arm and Flange
  • Installation: Swivel Ball Adapter
  • Installation: 3-Spray Dual Shower Head Combo
  • Troubleshooting Videos


  • Why Thread Tape is Crucial For Any Installation
  • Leaking 3 Way Diverter
  • Bidet Sprayer - Loose Trigger
  • Shower Hose Troubleshoot & Fix
  • Dual Shower Head - Shower Holder Tension
  • Dual Shower Head - Hose Not Fitting in Holder
  • Dual Shower Head - Diverter Spinning Around Easily
  • Swaying of the Adjustable Shower Arm and Diverter
  • Fixing Leak on Adjustable Shower Arm
  • Shower Head Holder Does Not Pivot
  • Shower Head Does Not Fit In Holder
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