How To Build Your Own DIY Dual Shower Head

Posted on May 04 2018

How To Build Your Own DIY Dual Shower Head

Building The Best Dual Shower Head Is The Perfect Way To Have Exactly What You Want At Any Time


We get it, you want choices in the shower. Whether you live with a picky partner who wants a rainfall shower head and you want something smaller, or you need something more versatile like a hand held shower head for the kids, getting the best Dual Shower Head is the perfect way to have exactly what you want at any time.

The challenge is that manufacturer's spend most of the R&D effort on getting a 2 In 1 Shower Head in one package, sacrificing a lot of the features that you would find in a stand alone shower head.

That's why we're going to show you how to build your own Dual Shower Head using the most durable components and get around those limitation let downs.

By the end of this article you'll be equipped to build a Double Shower Head system that not only will save you the cost of hiring a plumber, but will have the entire household singing in the shower!

Don't have time for the article? Check out this install video!



1. What Exactly Is A Dual Shower Head?


Commonly referred to as a Double Shower Head or 2 in 1 Shower Head, a Dual Shower Head is what you get when you pair two showerheads using a shower diverter valve.

In this article, we'll specifically be talking about Dual Shower Heads with external shower arm diverters which do not require any rough plumbing. While there are also plenty of other ways to build a Dual Shower Head, we'll be showing you the most common and simplest way.

You won't have to drill holes in your wall, attach any funky suction cups or anything. All you'll be using is your existing shower arm and the 3 components that we'll be discussing in detail.

The most common type of Dual Shower Head is one that takes a fixed shower head and pairs it with a hand held shower head using the shower diverter. 

Moen Impulse Dual Shower Head

Moen Impulse Dual Shower Head



The Moen Impulse Dual Shower Head is the perfect example of some of the short comings of buying an already assembled Double Shower Head. Look, don't get me wrong, it's an excellent showerhead set.

Each shower head is multi function for a wide variety of settings and it has a nice clean look. But, there are some things that may not meet your needs, like:

  • Only available in Brushed Nickel finish. What if you need Chrome or Oil Rubbed Bronze?
  • Both shower heads are the same, standard size. What if you want a rainfall shower head?
  • Equipped with a 2-way shower diverter. What if you want a 3-way shower diverter that runs both shower heads at the same time?



    These are just some of the things that you'll encounter if you're trying to get that perfect Dual Shower Head. But don't lose hope!



    2. How To Build Your Perfect Dual Shower Head


    There are 3 essential pieces to building your own Dual Shower Head. The external shower diverter valve, the fixed shower head and the hand held shower head.


    Start With The Base


    Like most things in life, starting with the right base makes all the difference. In this case, that base is the shower arm diverter valve. We touched on it earlier; the shower diverter valve is the piece that will attach to your shower arm and bring both shower heads together into that 2 In 1 Shower Head.

    And, there are two different types of shower diverter valves:

    • Shower Arm Diverter WITHOUT Hand Shower Holder Mount
    • Shower Arm Diverter WITH Hand Shower Holder Mount.



    Shower Diverter Valve Without Holder Mount


    These diverters are primarily used for Dual Shower Heads, where the hand held shower head has a separate wall mount bracket.

    This would mean that you attach your Fixed Shower Head to the front threads of the Diverter, attach the Hand Shower Hose to the bottom threads of the Diverters and then have your own separate wall mount for your Hand Shower.

    That wall mount could be another Shower Arm, a slide bar or a wall mount bracket that is affixed with screws or an adhesive.

    Here's a great diagram by Delta Faucet:


    Delta 2-Way Shower Arm Diverter Valve Without Holder Mount Bracket


    While it is possible to install both of your shower heads on this diverter, without a slide bar or additional bracket, you'll need to be a bit creative.

    What you'd end up doing is turning the shower diverter another 90 degrees so that the diverter lever is facing the shower floor.

    Then, instead of attaching your hose to the bottom diverter threads, which are now facing your shower wall, you'd attach the hand shower mount that will come with your hand held shower head set. 

    OK, maybe it's a little wonky, but it totally works. And we can show you how in our installation guide.



    2-Way Shower versus 3-Way Shower Diverter Valve


    For the shower arm diverters without the holder mount, there are 2-Way and 3-Way Shower Diverters. The only difference is that the 2-way shower diverter can only run one shower head at a time, where the 3-way shower diverter can also run both shower heads at the same time. 


    Delta 2-Way Shower Diverter Valve

    Delta 2-Way Shower Diverter Valve


    The Delta 2-Way Shower Diverter Valve is a great base to start building your Double Shower Head.

    It's solid metal, the most versatile, and it's the least expensive. But, you'll only find this shower arm diverter available in the Chrome finish.



    Delta 3-Way Shower Diverter External Diverter For Dual Shower Heads

    Delta 3-Way Shower Diverter Valve






    The Delta 3-Way Shower Diverter is a great upgrade with the combination setting. Like the previous model, it's made from solid metal.

    And to round it out for those of you looking to match the finish in your shower, it comes in Chrome, Stainless and Venetian Bronze.



    Shower Diverter with Hand Shower Holder Mount


    Finally, there's the shower diverter with the shower holder. The shower holder is the bracket hook that will actually hold your hand held shower head.

    The benefit here is that you have everything you need to build your Double Shower Head in one cohesive piece - making installation much more straight forward.

    What's the trade off? The shower holder is universal in size. So, although they'll fit many hand showers, they won't fit them all. That's something that you'll need to test out first hand.

    Delta 3-Way Shower Diverter With Hand Shower Holder Mount  

    Delta 3-Way Shower Diverter Valve with Hand Shower Mount


    This Delta Shower Diverter model offers all of the features of the previous mentioned 3-Way Diverter, but it has the shower holder bracket.

    While there are several options, we'd recommend the 3-Way Shower Diverter with the Hand Shower Holder Mount. It's the easiest to install and offers the most features. 


    Download Your Free Guide To Assemble Your Dual Shower Head



    3. Choosing A Hand Held Shower Head


    Getting the right hand held shower head is almost as important as starting with the proper shower diverter base. 


    Avoid Hand Showers with Custom Shower Holders


    Buying a hand held shower head with a custom holder just isn't worth it, if you're installing your Dual Shower Head all on the Shower Arm Diverter.

    That's because you wouldn't be able to use these mounts, as your hand shower is either going to mount directly onto the diverter's built in shower holder mount, or, in the case of using one of the diverters without the holder mount, that would mean the hand shower would be facing the wall.

    The two most popular shower heads with custom shower holders are the Moen Magnetix and Delta In2tion Shower Heads.

    These both have those custom type of shower holder mounts, and just wouldn't be worth paying for if you're not actually going to end up using the custom mount.

    Moen Magnetix

    Delta In2ition

    Moen Magnetix Hand Held Shower Head Brushed Nickel Delta In2ition Dual Shower Head 2 In 1 Combo



    As long as you stick with a hand held shower head that mounts on the traditional shower holder bracket, you'll be in great shape! 


    Standard Hand Held Shower Holder Bracket

    Standard Hand Held Shower Holder Bracket Wall MountNow that you know what to stay away from and what to look for, the options abound.

    Here are some features to consider for your Hand Held Shower Head:


    • Hose Length (Is a 60" hose sufficient, or will you need a longer one?)
    • Pause Feature (Do you want the option to stop the flow of water on the hand shower when lathering up?)
    • Water Filter (Is a water filter to remove impurities important to you?)
    • Materials (Is plastic acceptable, or do you want to upgrade to a solid metal shower head?)


    Hang tight, at the end of the article we'll give you the best Dual Shower Head combinations with all the pieces you need.



    Find Your Fixed Shower Head


    This is the easiest part of building the perfect Dual Shower Head. Your fixed shower head will attach to the male threads on the front of the shower diverter and there really aren't any limitations here. 


    Some features to consider for your Fixed Shower Head:


    • Size (Do you want a small concentrated flow or a large Rainfall Shower Head?
    • Spray Settings (Do you want a massage spray or would you prefer a simpler single function showerhead?)
    • Water Filter (Is a water filter to remove impurities important to you?)
    • Materials (Is plastic acceptable, or do you want to upgrade to a solid metal shower head?)


    Download Your Free Guide To Assemble Your Dual Shower Head


    4. The Best Custom Dual Shower Head Sets


    Let's take a look at what we've learned. It's pretty simply, you'll need the 3 core pieces to build your custom Dual Shower Head:


    • Shower Diverter Valve
    • Hand Held Shower Head
    • Fixed Shower Head


    Now, we wouldn't let you go without giving you some top choices. 

    Like everything at The Shower Head Store, we only offer shower heads that are hand-picked by our industry experts. 

    These combinations have all been tested in-house to make sure they pass our rigorous standards and are compatible for installation. 



    Dual Shower Head Type Shower Diverter Valve Hand Held Shower Head Set Fixed Shower Head
    All Metal Dual Shower Head Delta 3-Way Shower Arm Diverter Valve with Holder Mount HammerHead Showers All Metal Hand Held Shower Head Set
    Multi Function Dual Shower Head Delta 3-Way Shower Arm Diverter Valve with Holder Mount Moen Propel Hand Held Shower Head with Hose Moen Propel Multi Function Fixed Shower Head
    Filtered Dual Shower Head Delta 3-Way Shower Arm Diverter Valve with Holder Mount Culligan Filtered Hand Held Shower Head Culligan Filtered Fixed Shower Head


    Download Your Free Guide To Assemble Your Dual Shower Head

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