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Posted on November 20 2018



Hi, this is Justin ball. The owner of HammerHead Showers, the leader in solid metal shower heads and accessories.

Are you looking for that hotel rain shower experience from the comfort of your home? A rainfall shower head is a great way to upgrade the look and feel of your shower in minutes.

Now, I want to debunk a misconception before we get started. You DO NOT need to have a fancy shower to use a rain shower head. You can benefit from the relaxing and warming experience of a rainshower with just a standard shower arm. 

In this video above and article below, I'll show you exactly how to do that.

We'll be replacing an old shower head using an 8 inch solid metal rain showerhead.

How To Install A Rainfall Shower Head

1. Remove the old shower head. Depending on how long the old showerhead has been on there, you may be able to remove it by hand. If need be, you can use an adjustable wrench to unthread the shower head, rotating it in a counterclockwise motion.

2. Clean the shower arm. You’ll want to remove any debris, old Teflon tape and inspect it to make sure that it's not corroded. The threads should be in good shape. If the threads are damaged then you'll want to replace the shower arm pipe. This would be a great time to upgrade your shower arm to give you the best rainfall shower head experience.

Here's our top shower arm recommendations for Rainfall Shower Heads:

Overhead Rain Shower Arm

S Style Rain Shower Arm

I like to use a microfiber cloth to clean the shower arm threads. It just picks up a lot of the grit and helps to remove the Teflon tape. So just give it a good wipe.


3. Apply new Teflon tape (plumber's tape.) Plumber's tape helps to provide a leak-free seal when installing your shower head. Just make sure that when you're applying the Teflon tape you go in the same direction as you would when you attach your showerhead, so in a clockwise motion. That way the Teflon tape doesn't unravel when you attach your shower head. Starting at the bottom and working your way up the threads, give it about 4 to 5 turns. Tear the tape away and smooth it out with your hand.

4. Hand tighten the shower head onto the shower arm. The shower head we're using has a pre-installed rubber washer to provide an extra water tight seal. Make sure it's seated properly in the threads before installing.


5. Use an adjustable wrench to tighten down the showerhead even further. Please use a cloth to protect the threads so you don't damage the finish when tightening it down. Just an extra turn is all you need. Don't force it, it's important to not over-tighten the shower head.


Run Water Through It And Test For Leaks

If the shower head is leaking, you'll want to uninstall the shower head, reapply more Teflon tape and then install the shower head again. Again, ensure the rubber washer is properly seated inside the shower head and use a wrench to tighten it down securely.

If you do that, and it still leaks it very well could be the shower arm is old and needs to be replaced or the threads on the shower head are stripped/cross-threaded.

If you have any questions at all, email us at and we'll help you out!

Thank you for checking us out at HammerHead Showers. We hope you enjoy your new solid metal rain shower head.

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