How to Install a Shower System with a Rain and Hand Held Shower Head

Do you want a hotel-style shower system but aren't prepared to open up your wall to install new valves? The Shower Head Store is here to help you figure out how to install a rain shower with handheld so you can upgrade your bathroom with super high-quality fixtures without blowing the budget.

This article is specifically written for all the great customers that reached out to us because they fell in love with the design of the rain shower system featured on our homepage's main image, which is the same image at the top of this page. That double shower head system pairs up a wall mounted rain shower system on an overhead shower arm with a handheld shower head on a shower bar. In fact, that setup is part of a complete set. 

The issue? Well, there are 3.

1. That set up was specifically designed with the use of an INTERNAL diverter valve that needs to be installed in the wall, as outlined in our in-depth Shower Remodel 101 article.

2. The shower heads shown in that rain shower system with handheld are plastic. So although we love the look, we do not sell this shower system because it doesn't meet our material criteria.

3. Customers were buying our all metal dual shower head, plus some other components, to try and replicate that set up but they were running into issues with getting all of the components to fit together.

So, now that you have the backstory, let's jump in and explore how to install a rain shower with handheld in your bathroom. We'll break down the components needed to get the best all metal shower system money can buy. And, of course, without any overly complicated fixtures or plumbing!


How To Install a Rain Shower with Handheld: Step By Step


Part 1: Dual Shower Head

Information: When determining how to install a rain shower with handheld in your bathroom, it all comes down to the parts. The All Metal Dual Shower Head Set by HammerHead Showers will be the groundwork of this rain shower head and handheld system. It gives you an 8 Inch Rain Shower Head, Hand Held Shower Head Set and 3-Way Shower Arm Diverter.

Installation: The rainfall shower head will install to the overhead shower arm and the hand shower to the slide bar. And instead of using that internal shower valve, you'll be using the 3-way shower arm diverter included with this set. 

Dual Shower Head Set

All Metal Double Shower Head with Rain and Hand Held


Part 2: Overhead Shower Arm

Information: An overhead shower arm is much longer and has a more extreme bend in the angle of the shower arm than traditional ones. This will give you that true rain shower head effect even with a wall mounted rain shower head.

Installation: You will attach this shower arm to the 3-way diverter and then attach your rain shower head to the shower arm.

16 Inch Overhead Shower Arm


Part 3: Shower Slide Bar  

Information: Slide bars mount to your wall and allow you to adjust the height of the handshower by sliding the holder mount up and down the pole. It really adds another layer of flexibility to a product that is already super versatile. Slide bars are great for households that have a varying range in height or with special needs like elderly or disabled. 


Installation: You'll mount this in close proximity to the overhead shower arm and diverter, so that the hand shower hose can easily reach it. You'll dock your hand held shower head into the holder on this slide bar.
25 Inch Shower Slider Bar

Part 4: Random Plumbing Accessories

    Now, typically when you're installing shower systems with rain shower and handheld, you'd be working with an internal transfer valve. However, as you know, we'll be using an external shower arm diverter.


    In order to get a nice, seamless design using these components, you'll want to mount the diverter directly from the connection of the wall. But, the wall inlet has a female connection and the diverter attachment is also female. So, you'll need to use a 1/2" male nipple and 1/2" female coupler to connect the dots.
    Here's a crude diagram of what you'll be working with.


    Nipple and Coupler Used to Install 3 Way Diverter to Rain Shower Arm


    Information/Installation: The shower nipple is the part that will thread into the wall. It will give you male threads coming out of the wall so you can attach the female connection of the diverter to it. This is probably the most complicated part of learning how to install a rain shower with handheld - so all in all, this is a simple project!

    Shower Nipple


    Information/Installation: In order to attach the overhead shower arm to the diverter, you'll need to couple the male threads of the diverter to the male threads of the shower arm. To do this, you'll need a 1/2" female coupler.
    With the coupler in hand, you'll attach it to the forward-facing male threads of the diverter and then thread the overhead shower arm into the other side of the coupler. 


    Female Coupler


    Now that you have the foundation in place, you can proceed with installing your shower bar, hand held shower head set and rain shower head. 


    While this photo does not show the same exact components that you'll be using (because yours will look SO MUCH nicer), here's what you can expect to see.  In the photo, you'll see how a customer used a standard shower arm and a coupler to connect the diverter and multiple shower heads.


    Dual Shower Head System with Nipple and Coupler


    Recap: What do you need:

    If you've read how to install a rain shower with handheld and you feel ready to tackle the project yourself, here's exactly what you'll need to transform your shower. 

    Buy From The Shower Head Store:

    1. Dual Shower Head Set

    2. 25-Inch All Metal Shower Slider Bar

    3. 16-Inch Overhead Shower Arm

    Buy from Amazon: 

    4. Shower Nipple

    5. Female Coupler


    Rain Shower Shower System Installation Success!

    There ya have it! You've got all of the parts you could possibly want for a beautiful shower remodel featuring a rain shower head with handheld. This simple project will truly transform your shower and help make your daily shower (or every other day - no judgement here) a luxurious experience. Just remember, like with any DIY project, when learning how to install a rain shower with handheld, it's important to go through the process of finding your parts in the order we discussed. Do that, and you'll be totally fine!
    And as always, if you have any questions about this rain shower head and handheld combo or any of our other all-metal shower head components, don't hesitate to contact us at The Showerhead Store.

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