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Justin Ball here, the founder of The Shower Head Store and HammerHead ShowersŽ. My wife (Vanessa) and I run this business together, designing and testing all of our products to far exceed the quality and performance of what you'll find at a Big Box Retailer.

We have lofty ambitions to stir up the shower head industry with our solid metal shower heads and accessories. Your business is greatly appreciated, as we take a bite out of the shower head industry one quality product at a time.



Background In Plumbing Fixtures

With 3 years of experience as a regional sales manager for the biggest faucet manufacturer in North America, I had the opportunity to tour manufacturing plants, assist in new product development and discuss sales strategies with vice-presidents of the company.

But the most profound moments happened during my face-to-face interactions with customers (like yourself) who presented me with their biggest pain points.

Far and away, the #1 complaint was the overwhelming selection of cheap plastic shower heads that break and leak. It became abundantly clear that there was a huge void between cheap imports and prohibitively expensive name brands.

Beginning of The Shower Head Store & HammerHead ShowersÂŽ

In 2016, we set out to meet this unfulfilled need -offering high quality metal shower heads at insanely competitive prices.

That’s when The Shower Head Store and HammerHead Showers® was born.

All Metal Shower Heads & Accessories

HammerHead ShowersÂŽ

Our signature brand, HammerHead ShowersÂŽ, is centered around your major pain points.

We’ve taken the cheap plastic out of our products and replaced it with high quality metals, like brass and stainless steel. There are absolutely no quality shortcuts taken with HammerHead Showers®.

Thank You!

As we continue to grow in popularity, we are taking bites out of the shower head industry, reformulating products from the standard disposable plastics to solid metal products that will last a lifetime!

Cheers to you for choosing durable products over disposable ones!

Justin & Vanessa Ball
The Shower Head Store & HammerHead ShowersÂŽ

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