5 Best Shower Hose Features to Look For

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Choosing a shower hose isn’t exactly the most thrilling part of updating your shower. If you’ve ever looked for a handheld shower head, the shower head hose was probably an afterthought. In fact, we’d guess that most homeowners don’t think much about their shower hose until it breaks or leaks.

It’s really not surprising. After all, the main feature of a shower is typically the shower head itself. But maybe it’s time we stop overlooking the humble shower head hose.

If you’re ready to upgrade your shower, need a shower hose replacement or are reviewing your handheld shower head options, it’s a good idea to pay closer attention to the shower hose you’ll be getting. 

Keep reading to learn more about why shower hose performance is so important and what to look out for when buying a hose for your shower head.

Why Shower Hose Performance Matters

Why should you care about the hose that carries water to your shower head? 

Because a shower hose brings more than just water - it brings extra versatility to your shower. Finding the best shower hose for you can mean a shower that functions better, fits your life and makes taking a shower just a little bit better.

When choosing a shower hose, you’ll want to consider a few key factors, including its function and long term performance.

Shower Hose Function

A good shower hose does a lot more than simply aid in the plumbing of your shower. The best hose for shower heads makes your shower more functional. With a handheld shower head and hose, you can more easily wash kids, pets, and yourself. A long shower hose even makes cleaning your shower easier.

Long Term Performance

Because it gets tugged and pulled on when using the detachable shower head, a shower hose is often the part of your shower with the most wear and tear. But a good shower hose will stand up to regular use and last for many years - without constant leaks! It should last even if you have kids, dogs - or grown-ups! - who are too rough with the hose.

How to Choose a Shower Hose Replacement

Ready to upgrade your shower hose or are replacing your entire handheld shower head? 

When you take the time to research what to look out for when buying a handheld shower head with hose or just a shower hose replacement, you’ll realize that there is a lot more to consider than meets the eye.

Let’s review some of the key characteristics to look for in a quality shower hose, and then we’ll compare traditional shower hoses with our recommended shower head hose.


Shower hose length can range from 60 inches (or 5 feet) all the way up to almost double that length. It’s important to consider how you plan on using your shower head hose and find a hose that is long enough to get the job done.

Outer Coils

The outer coils of the shower hose are the ones most exposed to water and, therefore, the most likely to rust or break. If they are not made from high quality materials, they could wear out sooner rather than later.

Inner Tubing

It’s easy to overlook this part of a shower hose. After all, you pretty much never look at it! But the inner tubing of your shower head hose is actually one of the most important parts. The material your hose is made from can impact the amount of biofilm (aka, gunk) that builds up in the hose and the overall lifetime of the product.


The connection between your shower hose, shower head and water source needs to be strong if you want to enjoy your shower without constant leaks. It’s important to review the material of all connectors sold with your shower hose and the thread size to ensure you’re getting a high-quality, durable piece that will fit with your existing shower parts.

A hand holds a shower head and shower hose to wash a dog

Comparing Shower Hose Replacements

Now that you know what factors to consider when choosing a shower head hose, let’s take a closer look at how traditional shower hoses stack up against our recommended shower head hose: the HammerHead Showers Metal Shower Hose Replacement.

Traditional Shower Hoses on the Market

Traditional shower hoses are generally made with inexpensive, plastic parts. And while that may keep costs low, it also means you’ll probably be looking for a replacement shower hose for your handheld shower in just a few years.

Here’s how most shower hoses are made:

  • Length: Shower hoses are traditionally about 60 inches long. For most households, this is not long enough to reach around the whole shower. If you hope to use your handheld shower head with hose to clean your kids, your dog or the shower itself, you’ll likely need a longer hose.
  • Outer Coils: Traditional shower hose coils are made with PVC coated with a chrome-like finish. In other words, they look like metal but are actually stiff plastic that make for a less flexible (and more breakable) hose. Some outer coils are made with 201 Stainless Steel, which is an improvement over plastic, but is still a lower quality metal that is prone to rusting.
  • Inner Tubing: Many conventional shower hoses are made with PVC or EPDM inner tubing. Both are toxic materials that not only tend to accumulate gunk, but are also not resistant to cold, heat and aging. PVC tubing can also have a strong smell, especially when exposed to high temperatures.
  • Connectors: Most shower head hoses on the market come with plastic connectors, which can cross-thread and leak after installation. While some hoses will use brass connectors, these are often sold directly from Chinese factories that use non-standard thread sizes like G1/2. This means you may have a hard time connecting your new shower hose onto your existing hardware.

HammerHead Showers Replacement Shower Hose

When we set out to create a better shower hose, we knew it needed to be made with high quality, durable materials that would extend the life of the product and provide the ultimate performance for your family.

Here’s how our all-metal Replacement Shower Hose stacks up:

  • Length: The HammerHead Showers shower hose starts at 72 inches (6 feet), which is a full foot longer than most hoses on the market. We even offer a 108-inch shower hose for customers who need an extra long reach.
  • Outer Coil: Our shower hose is made from 304 Stainless Steel, which is both corrosion resistant (meaning it won’t rust quickly) and flexible, making the hose bendable and easy to use in all corners of your tub and shower.
  • Inner Tubing: The HammerHead Showers shower head hose comes standard with silicone inner tubing, which is non-toxic and resistant to gunky build-up. Silicone is a common material used in kitchen-ware and even medical equipment, which means the water coming out of your shower hose is safer for your family (even if you have pets or humans who like drinking straight out of the shower head!).
  • Connectors: Our shower head hoses come with solid brass connectors that won’t cross-thread or crack. And unlike many conventional shower hoses with brass connectors, ours are made with American standard ½” NPS thread sizes.

The HammerHead Showers shower hose goes beyond the basic model with a variety of colors and finishes, including chrome, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass and matte black. 

Each finish is carefully designed to ensure the same high-quality materials and performance no matter what color you choose. While many conventional shower hoses are simply painted black or gold, our hoses undergo a plating and varnish process.

Common Questions About Replacement Shower Hoses

Still have questions about choosing the right shower hose replacement for your home? We’ve got answers!

Why should I get an all metal shower hose?

Simply put: it will last longer. While plastic shower hoses may come at a lower price, you’ll end up spending more when you need to replace a leaky or rusty shower house every couple of years. An all-metal shower hose is made from high-quality materials that are designed to be resistant to rust and corrosion.

Do all shower hoses fit all showers?

For the most part. While some conventional shower hoses will use inexpensive brass connectors with non-standard thread sizes, the vast majority of shower hoses, shower heads and shower connectors sold in the United States use a standard ½ NPS thread size.

Are shower hoses the same size?

No - in fact the size or length of a shower hose is often what sets one apart from another. While many shower head hoses are a standard 60-inch length (that’s 5 feet), you can purchase extra long shower hoses to use in larger showers or if you just want more freedom and flexibility with how you use it.

How do I know what size shower hose I need?

Consider the size of your shower and tub and how you plan to use the shower head. You want your shower hose to make it easy to reach all corners of your shower. This is especially important if you’ll be using your handheld shower head to rinse off little ones in the bath, to clean a pet in the shower or if you want to be able to use the handheld shower arm when cleaning your shower.

Why is my shower hose leaking?

It depends. There could be many reasons why your shower hose is leaking, but some of the most common culprits include an issue with the connector between the hose and the shower head or a break in the hose itself. When you’re dealing with a leaky shower hose, check the connection points first to see if cross-threading has occurred and the connection is not secure. If that doesn’t seem to be the problem, take a close look at the hose itself. Are there spots rusting out? Broken parts of the outer coil? It may be time to replace your shower hose!

A man wearing a blue plaid shirt and blue jeans changes a shower hose replacement

Upgrade to an All Metal Shower Hose Replacement

If you’re ready to take your shower to the next level, then upgrade to an all metal shower hose today. While a shower hose isn’t exactly sexy, it can help make your bathroom even more functional.

Need to upgrade other parts of your shower? Contact The ShowerHead Store to ask questions and to get our best recommendations for shower hoses, shower heads and other shower accessories.

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