Seriously, Why Don’t You Have a Hand Held Shower Head?

One thing that I have noticed is that customers are still buying fixed shower heads at a much faster rate than the hand held shower heads. That raised my curiosity. Just how many people are still using fixed shower heads? And more importantly – why?

Hand held shower heads let you remove the head from the holder, and specifically target whatever you need to wash or rinse. The longer the hose connecting it, the further the reach. Obviously, this has some huge benefits in an area so notoriously dangerous as the bathroom. 

While I know it can be intimidating,  installing a hand held shower head is incredibly easy to do. Of course, the problem could be that you don’t know what you are missing. 

Perhaps the best example is a customer who called in a few months back. She had some scheduled surgery last year. Her doctor recommended some changes around the house, including the installation of a hand-held shower head. She had called to find out about making some other changes to her bathroom, but at some point, she began extolling the praises of her shower head with hose. A year later, she was still very enthusiastic by how much better it was. I think she was hoping for another showerhead that would be just as easy to install with just as many benefits. 

If you have gone this long without a handshower, then clearly you don’t really need one right? The best way to decide whether or not you need one is to find out just what a hand held shower head offers. So to help, here are a few benefits you can look forward to if you do make the switch. 

Ergonomic Use with Flexible Hose

Most people don’t think about ergonomics in the bathroom, but it is a concept that applies even in this room. Especially when you are brushing your teeth or showering. With an extra-long hose, you can even sit in the shower and still be able to get clean. 

This leads directly into the biggest benefit for women...

Easy Shaving

Shaving your legs is a chore that no one enjoys. From the awkward angles you have to reach to the apparently impossible task of washing away all of that hair after shaving, fixed shower heads turn it into a real production. 

Hand-helds let you to sit down in the shower to more easily reach the different parts of your legs. Better still, they let you quickly target the places where the hair hasn’t washed off yet. You can get a much cleaner shave when you don’t spend as much time focusing on trying to get rid of the shavings. 

Family Friendly - Children and Seniors

When washing children, you know that they aren’t going to get the full benefit of a shower, which is why we usually bathe them. However, children can get into some really interesting situations. Putting a mud-covered child into a bath just means they marinate in that mud. The hand held shower head lets you rinse them off first, then have them bathe for that final cleaning. 

For seniors, it is sometimes safer to sit down, especially when they are tired or in a wheelchair. The hand-held makes it easier to clean up after a long day without having to feel like some places have been missed. As I mentioned before, a hand held shower head can be ideal for someone who has just had surgery and can't stand up for long or isn't supposed to get the stitches wet.

Have an Easier Time Cleaning – Dogs and Hard to Reach Parts of the Shower

Even more difficult than washing a child is trying to wash a dog. Without a hand held shower head, you pretty much are guaranteed that your dog is getting out of the bath with shampoo still in the coat. Pouring buckets and buckets of water over your dog is not only impractical, but it can also put a lot of strain on your back. The handheld lets you rinse all of your dog so that the end of the bath means a clean dog - not simply “good enough.”

Equally difficult is reaching and cleaning all of the parts of the shower. The water from a fixed shower head does not reach all of the shower. You can end up spending a lot of time trying to fill your hands with water, then throwing it onto the recently cleaned areas just out of reach, or you can bring a bucket. Instead, just get a handheld showerhead, and then it won’t be any extra work to rinse off all of your shower.  

Read our best tips on cleaning your shower and bathtub naturally. 

A Few Little Extras

As if those weren’t enough benefits, there are things that most people don’t think about. Sometimes you do need a big bucket of water. Usually, the sink, bathtub, or hose outside are the only places you can fill a bucket. But having a shower head with hose means that you can fill the bucket without having to put the bucket in the tub. This means it is much easier to move once the bucket is full.  

You will have less water flung around the bathroom after showers and cleaning. With the traditional throwing of hand fulls of water to rinse things off or contorting your body to rinse yourself, you end up getting water everywhere. By bringing the source to the spot, you can reduce the likelihood of water damage to the area around your shower. 

Hand helds can help reduce your water bill. Since you spend less time trying to reach places, you not only save time but water. 

Some Hand Held Showers Heads I Recommend:

If you are thinking about making the transition, here are a couple of hand held shower heads that I strongly recommend. They are among the best, which will really help you quickly see how much better showering can be. 

HammerHead Showers Hand Held - HammerHead Showers specializes in extremely well-built, all metal shower heads. And their hand held collection is simply amazing! You really can’t go wrong with one of their models. 

HammerHead Showers Hand Held Shower Head

High-Pressure All Metal 3-Spray Hand Held Shower Head - This one is considered the best high pressure shower head, which means you can really enjoy the change to a hand held while also enjoying the upgrade of increased water pressure. With 3 different spray settings, including a wide spray, massage, and mist there's bound to be a spray feature for all of your needs.

Bonus Tip 

Why not go all in and install a dual shower head so that you and your partner no longer argue about which shower head is best. And honestly, it really doesn’t take much more to install the dual shower head. Don't believe us? Check out this how-to article with video.

This could create a little more harmony in the home. If you are making the switch and share a shower, consider the HammerHead Showers Dual Shower Head Combo. It gives you the best of both words between a fixed and hand held shower head.

Dual Combo Shower head

In all honesty, new homes should all come with hand held shower heads already installed. Since it is usually left to the residents to rectify the bathroom oversight, it is a good idea to make it a priority.

Hand held shower heads are easily affordable and come with a lot of benefits that make them an easy way to simplify your life and save some time.  

If you have questions or would like more information, contact us. We are more than happy to help you understand your options and to choose the right product for your needs.

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