How To Install A Hand Held Shower Head With Hose

How To Install A Hand Held Shower Head with Hose (Shower Head Replacement) 


Do you need to replace your old shower head because it's leaking or simply lost its luster?

In this video, I'm going to show you how to replace an old shower head using our Solid Metal Handheld Shower Head Set With Hose in less than 10 minutes. This is one of the highest quality and best performing shower heads in the industry!

All Metal Handheld Shower Head by HammerHead Showers


Part 1:  Remove Old Shower Head & Clean Shower Arm

Depending on how long your old shower head has been installed, you may be able to remove it by hand. If not, you can use an adjustable wrench to unthread the shower head turning, it in a clockwise counterclockwise motion.

Once you have removed the old shower head, it's important to clean the threads of the shower arm pipe.

You will want to remove any debris and thread seal tape. It's also important to inspect the integrity of the shower arm pipe to make sure that it's not corroded and that the threads are still in good shape.

If the shower arm looks very worn, you will want to replace the shower arm pipe. (Shop Shower Arms Here)

I like to use a microfiber cloth to clean the shower arm threads. It just picks up a lot of the grit and helps to remove the thread seal tape.

Give it a good wipe down and you'll be ready to go.

Part 2: Apply New Thread Sealant Tape To The Shower Arm 

Now that you've cleaned your shower arm, it's time to apply new thread seal tape, ensuring a leak-free seal when installing your shower head.

Make sure that when you're applying the thread seal tape you go in the same direction as you would when you attach showerhead to your shower arm. So, in a clockwise motion, wind the thread seal tape around the shower arm pipe so that it doesn't unravel when you attach your showerhead.

Starting at the bottom of the pipe, work your way up the threads, giving it about 4 to 5 turns. Finally, smooth out the thread sealant tape onto the shower arm threads using your fingers.

Part 3: Install The Hand Held Shower Head With Hose

1. Install the Shower Holder

Our solid brass shower head holder has a rubber washer pre-installed inside to provide an extra level of leak-free seal. Make sure that it is seated properly inside of the threads before proceeding.

Start by tightening the shower head holder by hand, going in a clockwise motion. You can now tighten it down even more using a pair of soft grip pliers or an adjustable wrench. It's always recommended that you cover the fitting with a cloth so you don't scratch the finish when using your pliers or wrench.

2. Install the Shower Head Hose

Before attaching your shower head hose, you'll want to make sure you understand which side of the hose goes where. Now, while some hoses have the same fittings on both sides, most hoses have two different fittings.

The hex nut is the side that attaches to the shower head holder. The smooth conical nut is the side that attaches to the handshower. If you reverse these, the shower head won't dock in the shower head holder.

In your set, you will have two shower hose washers. Start by placing one washer inside of the hex nut and hand tightening the hose onto the bottom of the shower holder threads. You can use an adjustable wrench to tighten down the hex nut more, but do not over-tighten.

Finish by placing the other washer inside the threads of the smooth conical nut and hand tightening the hose onto the bottom of the hand shower. 

3. Dock your Hand Held Shower Head

With your holder, hose and showerhead installed, dock your handshower into your shower holder. 

Final Part: Test for Leaks

Let's run some water through the hand held shower head and test it out. There are three areas you want to check to see if there are any leaks:

  • Where the shower holder connects to the shower arm.
  • Where the shower hose connects to the shower holder.
  • Where the shower hose connects to the handshower.

Did you see any leaks at all? If so, tighten down the fittings further with soft grip pliers or an adjustable wrench. 

If that doesn't work, you will want to uninstall the showerhead set, apply more thread seal tape, ensure the washers are all seated correctly and then reinstall again.

And of course, if all else fails, reach out to us for support at: [email protected]. We're here to ensure you have the best product experience possible!

Thank you for checking us out at Hammerhead Showers. We hope you enjoy your new solid metal hand held shower head.

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