Upgrade Your Master Bath With A Rain Shower Head

If you need to upgrade your master bath, changing your old shower head to a Rain Showerhead will upgrade your whole morning routine. Remodeling a master bathroom takes weeks of messy construction and typically costs a small fortune. But you can create a relaxing, elegant and upscale Master Bath by upgrading a few things. For example, think about your showerhead. Dealing with an old, inefficient shower head every morning is a decidedly un-relaxing experience. They clog, they spray unevenly, and they can be hard to clean. Your shower is one place where you can treat yourself to a lifestyle improvement quickly and inexpensively. Whether you call a plumber or put it on your honey-do list, replacing a showerhead isn't complicated. Upgrade your shower head and start the day with a spa-inspired Rain Shower. Then be off to work, school or the gym relaxed and invigorated.


Why Should You Upgrade to a Rain Shower Head?

Luxury Rain Shower Heads are popular for their wonderful wide spray pattern and large drops that feel like warm, tropical rain. They're typically wall-mounted on a longer shower arm or on the ceiling, so the water falls from straight above like a rainforest. If you're tall and have spent your life huddling under tiny, low showerheads, a Rain Showerhead feels amazing. Here are some great shower arm upgrades you'll want to consider pairing with a new Rain Shower Head.

Another reason to upgrade - bringing that hotel spa look and feel into your home. There aren't many better ways to make your bathroom pop than by adding a new showerhead. And the creme de la creme of showerheads is a Large Overhead Rainshower. Your guests will be blown away with the shear size and look that they'll be picking your brain on how to find the best Rain Shower Head - which you're about to find out!  



Here are a few of our favorites:



Moen Velocity 8 Inch Rain Shower Head

Moen Velocity 8 Inch Rain Shower Head


The Moen Velocity 8 inch Rain Showerhead is a popular model that has been highly ranked by Consumer Reports. It has a clean, modern design that works well with different shower styles. The Moen Velocity has a 2.5 GPM flow rate, so you can expect lots of that rain effect, even if you're lacking good water pressure. It also has a unique feature - you can switch between two different modes of water flow.

The normal setting uses all of the nozzles, and a second setting concentrates the water flow into just 30 of the nozzles for a narrower spray pattern that's more like a traditional shower. This is unusual for a rain showerhead, but handy if you have family members would prefer a more intense spray. If you're mounting this showerhead on the ceiling, make sure you can reach it to be able to change the nozzle settings.

Other quality features include all-metal construction, with silicone nozzles that stop limescale from building up. It looks and feels sturdy, and comes in a wide range of finishes: Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze.



HammerHead Solid Brass 8 inch Rain Showerhead


If you're looking for a high quality, solid metal Rain Showerhead at an amazing price, look no further. Offered in Square or Round, this HammerHead Rain Shower Head brings you all the quality you'd expect from a European manufacturer, but for a fraction of the cost. HammerHead Showers has found its cost savings by cutting out the middle-man and passing those savings on to the customer.

Its silicone nozzles are easy to clean, and it's easy to install. The Hammerhead 8 inch Rainfall Shower head can be mounted on either the ceiling or the wall. This classic design swivels 360 degrees. All-brass construction under the quality chrome plating means there are no plastic parts to crack, break or leak.



8 Inch Round Rain Shower Head 

8 Inch Square Rain Shower Head 

8 Inch Round Rain Shower Head

8 Inch Square Rain Shower Head



This is a Rain Showerhead that will last for many years. Treat your guests at your home, your AirBnb or your rental property. At this price, you can upgrade more than just the Master Suite.  


Hammerhead Solid Brass 12 Inch Rain Showerhead


You don't need to invest in a high-tech luxury showerhead brand to have the luxury Rain Showerhead experience. Our Hammerhead 12 Inch Rain Showerhead  has the quality brass construction, easy-clean silicone nozzles, and beautiful chrome finish that will upgrade your home shower to that of a hotel spa.

With its 2.5 GPM flow rate, you'll absolutely be drenched in warm water every time you shower.  It can be mounted either on the wall or ceiling.  A ceiling installation will enhance the effect of raindrops falling straight down. But, if you only have a Wall Mount set up, you can make an easy upgrade to a Wall Mount Overhead Shower Arm, which will give you a "Ceiling feeling." 

The Hammerhead 12 Inch Rain Showerhead is all brass, with no plastic parts to crack, break or leak. It has classic good looks, perfect for a Farmhouse or Industrial design or even a traditional shower. 



12 Inch Round Rain Shower Head

12 Inch Square Rain Shower Head 

Solid Metal 12 Inch Round Rain Shower Head Drenching 2.5 GPM Rainfall

Solid Metal 12 Inch Square Rain Shower Head Drenching 2.5 GPM Rainfall




Upgrading your Master Bath by upgrading your showerhead is just one way to create a luxurious master suite retreat without breaking the bank. Add some fluffy towels, scented candles and perhaps a pretty paint color, and you'll have your own spa retreat master bath in a weekend. And don't forget to check out these Shower Arms that go great with your Rainfall Shower upgrade!

All of the Rain Showerheads featured here are easy to install.  We even have easy instructions for you here: DIY Rain Showerhead Installation. 



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