How To Shop For The Best Shower Head

 Are you remodeling your bathroom? Did you move into a place with an old shower head that barely works? Is your shower head too low for a tall family member? Well, then it's time to find the best shower head! If you've done any research to this point, you're probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. 

Before you even think about the best shower head for your home, you need to consider who's in your household and what their bath and shower needs might be. The best shower head isn't always the one that looks the most beautiful but rather the one that gives you the most refreshing and rejuvenating showering experience. But hey, who's to say you can't get the best of both worlds?

Let's take a look at the best shower heads for different bathrooms and find you that shower head that's going to make your family smile and leave your guests asking, "where'd you get that showerhead?"


The Best Shower Head for a Busy Bathroom

The Best Shower Head for a Busy Bathroom


If you live in a smaller home with few bathrooms, or have a bunch of kids, your bathroom is likely a high-traffic zone. It may make your inner decorator happy to have a Rain Shower Head that matches your Farmhouse style. However, it's not necessarily the best shower head for crazy bath times.


When you have different ages and sizes sharing a bathroom, the best showerhead will be multi-functional and easy-to-use. If you have young children, they take more tub baths, so a handheld attachment can be a life saver when it comes time to rinse shampoo out of their hair.  It also makes it quick and easy to clean the tub.

All Metal Shower Head HammerHead Showers


One of our favorites, the Hammerhead Handheld Shower Head has a long 72 inch flexible hose and a single function, rainfall style spray. Built from Stainless Steel and Brass, this is one of the most durable Shower Heads that you're going to find.


Adjustable Height Shower Head

We all know what it's like to have a really low shower head, where either you or your tall family member is constantly griping about how uncomfortable the shower is. Adjustable Height Shower Heads and Adjustable Arms are great ways to raise your Showerhead Height without going full blown weekend warrior and tearing a hole in your wall. You can learn more about how easy it is to Adjust Your Shower Head Height in our popular article.    


Types of Shower Heads & Settings 

Does one person like a Rain Shower while the other likes a high pressure Massage spray? The best family Shower Heads come in the Shower Head Combo variety, typically pairing up a larger Fixed Shower Head with a Hand Held Shower Head. These give you the best of both words, offering a lot of flexibility with it's use and spray settings.

The Kohler Shift Dual Shower Head is a great buy, with it's 2-in-1 Showerhead set up, multi functions and enhanced water pressure.
Kohler Shift Hand Held And Rain Shower Head Combo Chrome


Learn all about the Different Types Of Shower Heads and choose the right one for you and your family.



Moen Magnetix Attract Dual Hand Held Rain Shower Head Combo Magnetic DockDo you crave the downpour of a Rain Shower Head design? The Moen Magnetix Dual Shower Head Combo will give you that relaxing spa shower. Plus, you can use the Rain Shower Head and the Handshower at the same time. The innovative magnetic holder keeps the Handheld attachment firmly in place, while making it easy to remove. The combination of Rainshower and Handshower makes for a healthy compromise that everyone can agree on and enjoy.


The Best Shower Head for a Guest Bathroom


If you have a lot of guests and they're all different ages, the Best Shower Head is one that's easy to understand and good quality. I mean, you don't want your aunt hollering down the hallway for a plumbing instruction just to take a shower! Having a variety of settings will also let each guest have the type of shower they're used to. When you have young kids visiting, a Hand Held Shower is also going to be useful for the parents to give them a "hassle-free" shower.

Moen Magnetix Attract Hand Held Shower Head Set With Hose & Magnetic Dock



But don't think you can't pamper your guests! The Moen Magnetix Attract Hand Held Shower Head is one of the best shower heads for the entire family and your guests. It has a 6 unique spray settings on its 5" wide face, and the magnetic holder snaps the Handshower easily into place, keeping it their securely.




Want to impress your guests with a magazine-worthy bathroom design? The Best Shower Head for that designer style is clean-lined and not cluttered with hose attachments.


Pamper your guests with the Moen Velocity 8 Inch Rain Shower Head.


Moen Velocity Rain Shower


Unlike most Rainfall Shower Heads, the Moen Velocity has a concentrated setting in the center, and an outer ring that tilts to provide more coverage. The wide coverage means you can be drenched in warm raindrops and have a massaging shower all with the turn of the dial. It may just be the perfect Luxury Shower Head for your guest bathroom.




How to Choose A Master Bath Shower Head


Deciding on the Best Showerhead for your master bath means going through a step-by-step process. Just like we did in the other bathrooms, consider your most important showering preferences.


- If you're a couple, and one person loves their invigorating massage shower, then a soft Rain Shower Head isn't going to make you both happy.  

- Do you shower quickly in the morning and run out the door?  Or take a relaxing massage shower after a hard day at work?

- If you have sore muscles, thick hair, or a disability, think about what's most important in your shower head design.


Once you've talked over the features you'd like, then you can narrow down your options to find the best shower head design for your master bath.


Let's explore some of your Best Shower Head options ->


Relaxing, Pampered Experience 

The Best Shower Head for a relaxing, pampered experience in your master bathroom may actually be the HammerHead 12" Round Rain Shower Head. 

HammerHead Showers 12 Inch Rainfall Rain Shower Head

With its 12" wide pattern and high flow rate, your whole body will be drenched in warm water.  It's also got a Modern Round design and Solid Metal Construction, sure to please the eye.

The immersing shower makes a morning shower quick and easy, even if you're showering with your partner. Well, aside from the fact that you won't want to get out. But seriously, when it's time to relax, you can take a warm shower and simply pretend you're in a spa, a rainforest or wherever your imagination takes you. 


Water Pressure at it's best


The best shower head to improve water pressure hands down is the HammerHead Showers 2-Inch High Pressure Hotel Style Shower Head. HammerHead Showers is well-known for it's durable, high pressure Shower Heads - and this Showerhead lives up to its brand reputation. Simple but sleek, if you've every had that oh-so gratifying Hotel Shower experience you would like to recreate at home this High Pressure Showerhead is just what you need.

And of course, the Kohler Forte is a solid option as well. While it doesn't have different settings, it's designed to put out a strong, even spray with large drops. If you have thick hair to rinse, this is a great choice to speed up your morning routine.



Kohler Forte


HammerHead Showers 2-Inch High Pressure Shower Head


 KOHLER Forte 2.5 GPM Shower Head with High Pressure Katalyst Flow

All Metal High Pressure Shower Head



You can see, shopping for the Best Shower Head shouldn't only be about the look. Think about your specific needs and your family. Then you'll be sure to buy the Showerhead that will not only transform the look of your Bathroom but will make your Showering Experience something to look forward to everyday!

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