7 Simple Bathroom Upgrades To Go From "OW" To WOW!

I get it, you work hard and play hard. Time flies by in the morning, and when you get home you're straight exhausted. Well, that's all the more reason to pamper yourself for the short time you do get to enjoy your beautiful home. 

Sadly, too often we overlook the importance of beautifying the bathroom. I mean, we do spend a pretty solid amount of time getting ready - with everything from taking a hot shower to doing our hair. Now, why is it that we don't focus a little energy on making this neglected child a superstar? 

It may be a lack of time, or it may just be that we don't know any better. Well, let me tell you, as someone who has experienced some of the most luxurious Showers, once you experience a Spa Like Shower, you'll never go back ;)

Since we are all strapped for time, and don't want to go through too much madness, I'm going to focus on the 7 Simple Bathroom Updates that I personally know will revolutionize how you look and feel when you're in your new-found sanctuary.

Hope you're as excited as me! Let's go!


1. Rain Shower Head

Hands down, my favorite part of the Bathroom is the Shower. This is where I truly unwind and let the warm water restore my skin and clear my head. And you really can't get a better Shower Experience than with an excellent Rain Shower Head. Everything from the wide water coverage to the soft, yet invigorating Rain Droplets, makes me feel like a new person every time.

For the longest time I showered with a basic, puny Shower Head, but it only took one hotel experience to change my ways forever. Since then, I've tried dozens of different Shower Heads, and there's truly one that outshines them all.

That's the 8 Inch All Metal Rain Shower Head by HammerHead Showers.

-> See This Gorgeous Rain Shower Head at The Shower Head Store

Being a designer, the soft lines and round features of the Shower Head truly represented the look that I want with a Rain Shower. And once I had it installed, forget about it. The Shower Head has a large 8 Inch face, making it a perfect size to cover your body in warm water. And the pressure is strong, but not overpowering - allowing you to feel each Rain Droplet as it's released from the Shower Head. What can I say, this is the one!

Although I'm not really into doing too much handy work, it was a breeze to install. Like pretty much every Shower Head on the market, this one is a Universal fit. I just had to twist off the old Shower Head like a bottle of wine and attach this one. Those 10 minutes made all the difference to both my morning and evening routine. 


2. Shower Curtain

I hope I didn't lose you just yet, running off to get your Rain Shower Head. ;) Good! While the Shower Curtain serves it's utilitarian purpose, it can make all the difference to that Wow-Factor in your bathroom. I like to think of it as a piece of art, which it can be. A big beautiful curtain, brightening your space or just bringing some depth to the space. 

There's something that draws me to a natural, floral design. Whether it be black and white or super colorful, that all depends on your design taste. For me, the floral designs give the bathroom a breath of freshness. Here's one of my favorite designs made from 100% Cotton.

100% Cotton Shower Curtain

(Image from Amazon.com)

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And I'm sure if you've every changed a Shower Curtain before, you've experienced that horrendous odor! That's why I stick with curtains made from natural fabric like Cotton or Hemp - like this one above. There isn't any odor, and as long as you get one with color, you shouldn't have any issues with stains.


3. Shower Rod & Rings

Hey look, if you're going to upgrade your Shower Curtain you'll want to consider swapping out your Shower Rod and Rings. After all, you wouldn't want to put a work of art in an old frame? OK.

Honestly though, I just love how a nice Shower Rod makes the Bathroom POP. It may seem like a low-key item, but it's not. And, with a good Tension Rod, you can have it Rod installed in minutes - no drills or screws necessary!

Moen Curved Tension Shower Curtain Rod

(Image from Amazon.com)

(Amazon Affiliate Links)

This Shower Rod by Moen even adds an extra benefit to your Shower, as it's a Curved Shower Rod. Curved Shower Rods bow out of the Shower, preventing the Shower Curtain from falling in on you, ultimately giving you more elbow room in the Shower. That means less contact with that oh-so cold Shower Curtain, and  more contact with the warm Rain Droplets flowing from your new Rain Shower Head!


4.Teak Wood Bath Mat

I'm getting more and more excited about bringing Wooden Bath Mats into the bathroom space. They can be a great upgrade from Bath Rugs, adding a cleaner look and more natural feel to the bathroom. Teak is an especially good choice, as it is naturally Mold Resistant due to its high oil content.

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Just think, instead of stepping out of the Shower onto that damp Bath Rug, you can land your feet on a rich piece of natural Teak Wood. It's certainly a statement piece for the bathroom, and can make that hesitant exit from your Rainshower a little bit more sweet.


5.Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

If you appreciate a long, hot bath to unwind after a long week - look no further! This Bamboo Bathtub Caddy will make bath time so much more fun and rewarding. It's the perfect way to organize all of your favorite bath "toys" in a very adult way. The Bath Caddy has adjustable arms to fit most tubs and features a wine glass slot, reading rack, soap dish and some hooks to always have your most important accessories within arms reach.


Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Bath Tub Tray Table

(Image from Amazon.com)

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It's not only a great bath "toy," but the rich bamboo adds a nice touch of decor to your bathtub. Leave it out when your bath is over and put some soaps and such to show your guests just how sophisticated you are.


6.Scented Aromatherapy Candles

Taking a shower, getting ready or cleaning up after a long day can all be times when you may need some stress relief. Aromatherapy Candles are an amazing way to calm down, as the Scents and Oils used are specifically made to help you relax with each breath. And whether the candles are lit or not, they'll add a beautiful fragrance. Not to mention, they add warmth to your bathroom decor.

Knowing how certain candles can irritate me, I usually try to find candles made with Beeswax or Coconut Oil. They are both eco-friendly and have a great impact on purifying the air. Being a Cali-Girl, I'm all about Cellar Doors Candles made in Huntington Beach.

(Image from CellarDoorCandles.com) 

-> See this Scented Aromatherapy Candle at Cellardoorcandles.com 

7.Indoor Plant

Who doesn't love flowers! They can be a centerpiece of your decor, or simply brighten up your space. While I would love to have fresh flowers all the time, the maintenance can be a little much. That's why I like to have a pretty little Indoor Plant in the bathroom, as it is low maintenance but still brings the design characteristics that I'm looking for.  And Bamboo Plants are a great choice! 

(Image from 9greenbox.com)

-> See this Indoor Plant at 9greenbox.com

Bamboo is naturally low maintenance - making it a top choice for an Indoor Plant in your bathroom. I really like how this Bamboo Plant has a silk flower woven into the middle, bringing some extra color and vibrance to the Bathroom. Plus, the ceramic vase adds a high-end touch to a relatively low cost addition to the Bathroom.

As you can see, there are so many great ways to enhance the design and create a luxurious bathroom space. Whether your start by updating to a new Shower Head or getting some Aromatherapy Candles, the hole point is to get started. Seriously, you deserve this! Yea, it may be a tiny upgrade here and there, but it will pay you back each and every day.


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