How To Replace A Hand Held Shower Head Holder Bracket

Do you have a broken or worn out shower head holder?

Well, don't just go out and buy an entirely new shower head set. All you have to do is change your shower head holder bracket. And there isn't a better replacement part than the solid brass shower holder by HammerHead Showers!

Available in Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass, and Brushed Gold, you can perfectly match your hand shower holder with any hand held shower head set.

Replacing the shower holder is very straight forward and can be done in just a few steps. Let's jump in!


In this video and write-up, we'll be replacing an old shower head holder with our solid shower brass holder by HammerHead Showers.

1: Remove Existing Shower Head

We'll start by unthreading the end of the shower hose from the shower holder but leaving the other end attached to your handshower.

There's no need to completely disassemble it, because we'll be reusing the handheld and hose later. Just make sure that you hang onto any shower washers as you'll need those when reinstalling the detachable shower head with hose.

2: Remove Old Shower Head Holder 

Now that you've removed your shower head with hose, you'll be left with your old shower holder.

Depending on how long your existing shower head holder bracket has been attached on your shower arm pipe, you may need to break out your adjustable wrench or soft grip pliers to help you take it off. Go ahead and remove that old hand shower holder and discard it.

Plastic shower holder brackets are quite fragile and often crack and leak after only a few months. 

That's exactly why we created a solid brass shower head holder by HammerHead Showers. Rest assured, with this part installed you'll have it for a lifetime. 


100% Solid Brass Hand Held Shower Head Holder

3: Clean Your Shower Arm Pipe

With your hand held shower head set removed, you will want to clean the threads of the shower arm pipe. Using a microfiber cloth (helps to lift plumber's tape and debris) or any old rag, make sure your shower arm is clean and you've removed all the thread seal tape from it.

Also, inspect the shower arm to ensure it is still intact and does not show signs of corrosion or deterioration. If it is worn down, you will want to replace your shower arm. (Shop Shower Arms Here)

4. Apply Thread Sealant Tape To Shower Arm Pipe

Start by wrapping the threads with some new thread seal tape, as this will help to provide a seal on the threads to prevent any leaks.

Our shower head holder bracket comes with a set of instructions and a roll of thread seal tape.

The important thing to remember when wrapping the threads is that you want to go in the same direction as you would twist the hand held shower holder onto the shower arm. 

This ensures that you don't unwind the thread seal tape as you're tightening down the shower holder.

We recommend starting at the bottom of the threads, going in a clockwise motion and giving it about 5 turns around the shower arm. Finally, smooth it out with your fingers so there aren't any loose pieces of thread sealant tape.

5 : Install New Solid Brass Shower Head Holder

Now it is time to install the new hand shower holder which also comes with a rubber washer to provide an extra level of leak-free feel. Ensure that this rubber washer is properly seated inside of the holder mount threads.

We're just going to tighten this on by hand and then use an adjustable wrench or soft grip pliers to give it an extra turn.

If you don't have soft grip pliers, please remember to use a cloth to cover the fitting so you don't scratch the finish when you're tightening it down.

6: Reinstall Shower Head with Hose

You can now install the handheld showerhead with hose. If you didn't dismantle your hand shower and hose you'll simply attach the available end of the shower hose onto the threads of the shower head holder.

Shower hoses should always have rubber washers in the ends of the fittings, so make sure that you have your rubber washer seated inside the shower hose.

And this can just be hand tightened. Now you can dock your handheld shower head onto the wall mounted holder.

7: Test For Leaks

Before you put away your tools, it's time to run water through it and make sure that there's no leaking and that everything holds up properly. 

You want to look for any water that's coming out of the three main leak points where you installed it onto the shower arm.

1. Where the shower hose attaches to the hand held shower head holder.

2. Where the shower hose attaches to the hand held shower head.

3. Where the shower holder wall mounts to the shower arm pipe.

If you are seeing any leaks you can tighten down the threads more with an adjustable wrench or soft grip pliers.

If that does not work, you'll want to uninstall your components, ensure that the rubber washers are seated properly, apply more thread seal tape to the threads and repeat the installation steps.

And of course, if all else fails, reach out to us for support at: [email protected]. We're here to ensure you have the best product experience possible!

And just like that, you've upgraded your shower head holder bracket with the solid brass version by HammerHead Showers. Enjoy!

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