How To Attach A Garden Hose To Your Shower Arm Pipe

Do You Want To Attach A Garden Hose To Your Shower Arm?

You're in the right place!

Attaching a garden hose in your shower is great for a variety of reasons including:

        • Filling Home Birth Tubs 
        • Filling Fish Aquariums
        • Home Brewing
        • Running Water To Areas That Don't Have Accessible Hose Bibbs.
        • And So Much More!

You've probably already figured out that the threads on a garden hose are NOT the same as the threads on a shower arm pipe. Garden Hose threads are 3/4" Garden Hose (GH) where shower arm pipes are 1/2" NPT (National Pipe Thread).

So, if you want to get that garden hose onto your shower arm, you'll need an adapter. We'll walk you through exactly what you need and how to install this in minutes.

Supplies To Attach A Garden Hose To A Shower Arm Pipe

Required Items

Garden Hose Adapter Attachment For Shower Arm Pipe

              • Garden Hose (Preferably a food grade hose if you're using for a birth pool, home brewing, cooking, etc.)

Food Grade Garden Hose Drinking Water Safe


Optional Items

Inline Water Filter Shower Head Attachment

              • External Shower Arm Diverter Valve (Gives you the option to connect both your shower head and garden hose to your shower arm pipe. This is especially convenient if you only have one shower and don't want to constantly detach your shower head to use your garden hose.)

Delta External Shower Diverter Valve For Dual Shower Heads

Garden Hose Cap

Want To Skip The Reading? Check Out Our Installation Video



Installing Your Garden Hose Adapter To Your Shower Arm

Now, installing the garden hose adapter without any of the optional items is very straight forward. Here's the breakdown:


Installation With Required Items Only

  1. Remove your shower head from the shower arm pipe.
  2. Clean the shower arm pipe, removing any old thread seal tape.
  3. Apply thread seal tape to the shower arm.
  4. Thread the female side of the adapter onto your shower arm pipe.
  5. Attach the garden to the adapter, ensuring any required washers are properly seated inside of the garden hose thread. 

And just like that you have yourself a garden hose hooked up to your shower!

Installation With Required And Optional Items

    1. Remove your shower head from the shower arm pipe.
    2. Clean the shower arm pipe, removing any old thread seal tape
    3. Apply thread seal tape to the shower arm.
    4. Attach the inline shower head filter to the shower arm. (Pro Tip: Before installing the inline filter, remove the large black washer inside of the female threads. This washer greatly reduces the flow and can make your garden hose tasks painstakingly long.)
    5. Apply thread sealant tape to the male threads of the inline shower head filter.
    6. Apply thread seal tape to all the male threads of the external shower diverter.
    7. Attach the external shower diverter valve to the shower arm pipe.
    8. Attach your shower head to the forward facing threads of the shower diverter.
    9. Attach the garden hose adapter to the side facing threads of the shower diverter.
    10. Attach the garden hose to your adapter.
    11. Turn on water, switch between the shower head and garden hose and test for leaks.
    12. If you do not need the garden hose permanently connected, you can remove the garden hose and thread on the garden hose cap.

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