How To Increase Shower Head Height & Angle With A Swivel Ball Adapter


Adjustable Shower Head NOT Adjustable Enough?

Hi, this is Justin Ball. The owner of HammerHead Showers. Do you have an issue with your adjustable shower head spraying the back of your shower wall instead of you?

You may even be struggling with your rainfall shower head height not being adjustable enough to get that true overhead rain shower experience.

Well, that's not uncommon. That's due to the limitations of the pivot balls in adjustable shower heads.

Let me tell you, there's no need to get rid of your existing shower head. A very simple solution to this problem is adding a shower head swivel ball adapter, like the one in the video above and article below. 

It will increase the height and angle of your shower head pivot ball, getting the water exactly where you want it!


Increase Adjustable Shower Head Height & Angle

This part easily attaches between your shower arm pipe and your shower head, increasing the degree of the angle in your adjustable shower head.

It not only works great for hand held shower heads, but especially rain shower heads.

So, if you have a long shower arm coming out of the wall, but your rain shower head doesn't angle far enough down to make it that true overhead effect, this will get you that extra adjustability to really give you that true rain shower head experience.


How To Install A Shower Head Swivel Ball Adapter

This is our HammerHead Showers fitting which is made from solid brass. It comes in Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.



We've also had it designed with an adjustable tightening ring so even if you're using extremely heavy shower heads, like our all-metal shower heads, you can tighten this ring down to increase the tension in the pivot ball, so it doesn't sag or droop.


How To Install The Shower Head Swivel Ball Adapter

I'll show you just how easy it is to install this swivel ball adapter and how much more adjustable your showerhead pivot ball will be as a result. 

We'll start with our standard shower head installation routine:

1) Remove the old shower head.

2) Clean the shower arm by removing any debris and plumber's tape.

3) Reapply new thread seal tape.

4) Hand tightens the swivel ball adapter onto the shower arm threads.

5) Use a pair of soft grip pliers to give it another extra turn. (You can also use an adjustable wrench but make sure to protect the fitting with a cloth so it doesn't get scratched.)

6) Apply some thread sealant tape to the male threads on the swivel ball adapter.

7)  Install your shower head.


Time To Test For Leaks

Run some water through it and test for leaks.

Should you have any issues with the shower head or swivel adapter leaking, you'll want to uninstall it, reapply thread seal tape, and use pliers or a wrench to firmly tighten it down.

If all else fails, reach out to us at [email protected] for additional troubleshooting. We're here for you!


Solved! Fully Adjustable Shower Head Angle

You should immediately notice the big change in the adjustability or your shower head height. Whether you have a handheld showerhead or a rainfall shower head, you should be able to get it to angle down almost overhead.

What's really important is that you fixed your issue without getting rid of your existing shower head.

Thank you for checking us out at HammerHead Showers. We hope you enjoy your newly adjustable shower head.

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