How to Install a Shower Head Extender Arm

Discover the benefits of a flexible shower head extender arm, and how to install one in your bathroom.

Showering should be a relaxing part of your day. But if your shower head is mounted way too low, there’s a good chance getting in the shower causes more frustration than anything else. 

Whether your shower arm pipe is located very low on your shower wall, or you’re just a very tall person, fixing a too-low shower head can actually be pretty easy. The solution? An adjustable shower arm extender.

Keep reading to learn more about what a shower head extender is and how to install one in your shower.

What Is a Shower Head Extender Arm?

All showers have some kind of pipe that leads from the wall of the shower to the shower head, connecting it to your water source. In many showers, this shower arm is quite short and doesn’t offer a lot of flexibility. 

A shower head extender arm is a device designed to adjust the height and angle of a shower head, offering more flexibility in your showering experience. Once you have an extender arm for your shower head, you can raise or lower the position of the shower head to accommodate people of various heights.

An extender arm is installed between the existing shower arm and the shower head, and can be installed without extensive plumbing modifications needed and no drilling holes in your wall. In other words—this is a DIY shower upgrade you can absolutely tackle yourself.

How to Install an Adjustable Shower Arm

Even if you’re inexperienced with plumbing or DIYs, installing a shower head extender arm should be an easy project and will only take you about 15 minutes to do. Watch our installation video below, or keep reading for our full tutorial.

To start this project, all you need is an adjustable wrench or pair of pliers, a cloth or rag, the adjustable shower arm you plan to install and thread seal tape. In this tutorial, we’ll be walking you through how to install the NEW Shower Head Store adjustable shower arm kit, which comes with the extender, thread tape and a rubber washer.

Step One: Remove the Old Shower Head

Simply unscrew your existing shower head from the wall-mount—it should be as easy as twisting and removing. If your threads on your shower arm pipe are very dirty or have leftover thread seal tape from your prior installation, clean them up a bit before moving on to the next steps.

Step Two: Apply Thread Seal Tape

Apply fresh thread seal tape to the shower arm pipe to ensure the threads on the new adjustable shower extender arm are sealed to the pipe.

Step Three: Install the shower head extender arm

Now it’s time to install the new shower arm! To unlock the gears, simply loosen the cross-shaped knob and slightly pull out the nut that will thread onto the pipe. Turn the nut facing out so it can be threaded onto the shower arm pipe. Once the nut is facing out, push it back in to reconnect the gears and tighten the knob back down.

HammerHead Showers Adjustable Shower Arm Installation


Make sure there is a rubber washer inside the shower extender arm nut before threading it onto the pipe so that it will be properly sealed. Then, simply thread the extender onto the pipe. Use your wrench or pliers to ensure it’s fully tightened.

Step Four: Install shower head

Now it’s time to add your shower head to the extended shower arm. You may be reinstalling your existing shower head or opting to install a new one (we love to add a rain shower head to an adjustable shower arm for a spa-like experience!).

Review the instructions for your specific shower head to ensure a proper installation. On the shower arm extender, simply loosen the cross-shaped knob on the shower head end of the arm and make sure the threads are facing out before re-tightening.

Add some thread seal tape to the threads before twisting on your shower head. Use a wrench or pliers to tighten the connection.

Step Five: Adjust the shower head

Now that the extender arm is installed, you’re ready to adjust the height and angle of your shower head. To adjust the height of the arm, simply loosen the cross-shaped knob where the arm connects to the pipe and then retighten when you’ve reached your ideal height.

To adjust the angle of the shower head, loosen the knob where the shower head connects to the shower arm, play around with shower head placement and retighten once you’ve reached your preferred angle.

Make sure all the connections are well-tightened and check for leaks at each joint before using your newly-adjusted shower head.

a man takes a shower after installing an adjustable shower arm extender

What to Look for in an Extendable Shower Head Arm

Ready to add a shower head extender arm to your bathroom? Make sure you’re getting a quality product by looking for some key factors when choosing a product.

Material & Finish

While some shower accessories are made from plastic, it’s important to look for an all-metal shower arm extender. You want this piece to hold up for years to come, so high-quality materials and finishes are key. Look for extender arms made from stainless steel and brass, with corrosion-resistant finishes.


Unfortunately, there are a lot of design flaws with many of the adjustable shower arms on the market today. For one, many can’t support the shower head weight over time due to inferior locking gears that easily strip after a couple of uses. This is especially true if you plan to use an extension arm with a rain shower head or dual shower head.

Instead, look for a shower extender that has deep, all-metal gears so you can feel confident the shower arm won’t sag or droop.


If you’re investing in a shower extender arm, you’re going to want it to be flexible. Look for a shower arm that provides the ability to adjust the height. This way you can accommodate shower users of all sizes. Make sure it will also fit all shower head types, including rain and dual shower heads. 

Our Pick for the Best Shower Head Extender Arm

If you’re ready to upgrade your shower height, then we recommend reaching for the HammerHead Showers All Metal Adjustable Shower Arm Extension. This shower arm is the most durable adjustable shower arm on the market. With a choice between 12 or 16 inches, this shower arm is available in multiple finishes to suit your bathroom decor.

The HammerHead Showers extension arm is equipped with the deepest gears on the market that ensure your shower arm won’t sag or droop. We call them Shark Teeth because they’re just that strong.

The HammerHead extender also features upgraded cross-shaped knobs (instead of flimsy wingnuts) to make it easier to properly tighten your shower head extension. The knobs are ergonomic and durable, maximizing tightening strength.

On the market, there are many shower head extender arms with a female connector that is not independently turning—making it impossible to get it to line up square. At HammerHead Showers, we engineered an independently turning female connector so that you can tighten it down all the way AND get it square. Plus, we now have 2 thread-locking set screws that ensure the shower arm extender never sways. 

And because the adjustable shower arm is available in 12- and 16-inch lengths, you can find the perfect height for your shower head. With universal thread sizes, this shower arm can also fit any shower head, from a rain shower head or handheld shower head to a dual shower head.

*BONUS* Best Shower Heads for Shower Extender Arm Projects

Rainfall Shower Head

We love to pair a longer shower arm with a rain shower head. This is a great solution if you want an overhead rain shower experience without doing any costly plumbing work. The Hammerhead Showers All-Metal 8-Inch Rain Shower Head and Adjustable Shower Arm offers consistent water pressure, a wide rainfall spray and the ability to adjust the height to meet your needs!

Shower Head Extender Arm and Rain Shower Head

Handheld Shower Head

Adding a handheld shower head to your shower arm offers the best of both worlds. You can have a wall-mounted shower head at whatever height you need it, and you can take down the shower head to use it for cleaning hard-to-reach areas or for kids and pets.

Shower Head Extender Arm and Hand Held Shower Head

Dual Shower Head

Why choose just one type of shower head when you can have two? With the HammerHead Showers Shower Arm Extender, you can actually attach a dual shower head system, so you can have a rainfall shower head and a handheld shower head in the same shower.

Shower Head Extender Arm and Dual Shower Head

Common Questions About Shower Head Extender Arms

Do shower arms fit all shower heads?

Yes, most shower arms have universal ½-inch NPT threads to fit any shower head on the market. It’s a good idea to always confirm thread size before purchasing, but you shouldn’t run into any major issues.

What to do if your shower head is too high?

Even if your shower head is already too high, adding a shower extension arm can actually help. An adjustable shower arm like HammerHead Showers' part can not only make your shower head higher, it can make it lower too. It’s the best shower accessory for a bathroom used by people of many different heights.

Why is my shower arm loose?

If you’ve already tried to install a shower head extender arm, then you may have noticed it loosening up as time goes on. Unfortunately, this is a common issue for shower arm extensions.

Many products on the market today feature locking gears that easily strip after just a couple of uses. If your shower arm extender is sagging or drooping, check the gears of your product to see if that might be the issue.  

Start Your Shower Head Extender Arm Installation

Ready to get started on your adjustable shower arm project? Upgrade to the best extender on the market from The Shower Head Store. Our Strongest Locking Gears video is a great demonstration of why the HammerHead Shower Head Extender arm is stronger and better than other products on the market.

Be sure to watch our installation video for more details and contact The Shower Head Store if you have any questions.

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