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by Justin Ball

All Metal Toilet Bidet Sprayer Set The Shower Head Store

Have you ever wondered what's all the hype about bidets?

Remember all those times you were wrapping up a numero dos and gleefully reached for some TP only to be completely distraught by the fact that there was only one square left by the last porcelain passer-by? Okay, okay, you get the point. Let's put an end to that!

Whether you have used a bidet or not, it is normal to have questions about this mystical source of water, how it works, and if it's hygienic. Because we tend not to talk about what happens in the bathroom, especially when going number two, a lot of questions about bidets go unanswered. Instead of learning about the many benefits bidets can provide most are just giggling at the newest meme about the 2020 TP Shortage.

Worry not, you no longer have to look any further to learn all you ever wanted to know about bidets and bidet sprayers. Well, maybe not everything, but enough to be informed. 😆 We’ve compiled the benefits of bidets (there are more than you think), types of bidets available, and how to install a bidet all in one convenient place. Keep reading to learn more from the source that knows all about bidets.


Benefits of the Bidet

If you have never seen or used a bidet, you may not understand how they work. Heck, most people don't even know how to spell this word - bedeit beday baday badet and so on. Trust me, this was all Greek to me not long ago either.

Bidets are common in many countries in Europe, Asia, and South America, but they have yet to become commonplace in America. A traditional bidet looks similar to a shallow toilet. It uses a spray of water as an alternative to using toilet paper. 

While some may be hesitant to use a bidet, they offer many benefits. From an overall cleaner experience to saving money on toilet paper, the top benefits of using a bidet are below.



1.Better Hygiene

Just like with any other mess, water has proven to be more effective for cleaning than using a dry paper towel. While you may be able to scrape some food off the plate with a sponge, you never truly get a clean plate without using water.

In a similar way, bidets are simply cleaner than toilet paper. Wiping with toilet paper does not guarantee a clean experience. Fecal bacteria can remain on your body, your clothing, or bathroom surfaces, going undetected. Can someone say skid marks? 🤭 

Washing with water provides a much cleaner result than wiping with toilet paper. It also makes the whole process a lot faster, leaving you feeling clean and refreshed. Bye-bye dingleberries! 

Using a bidet also keeps your hands clean. There’s no need to waste wads of toilet paper when a quick and easy spray will get the job done and keep your hands away from the danger zone. Your hands, your clothing, and your surroundings are protected and less likely to come in contact with bacteria.


2.Comfort and Convenience

When it comes to health benefits, bidets rise to the challenge. People who suffer from hemorrhoids or genital health issues often have uncomfortable experiences in the bathroom. Toilet paper can be rough, uncomfortable, or irritating. And depending on which type you use, it can also be loaded with chemicals. A bidet uses water to clean, which is more comfortable and convenient. 

Those who have undergone surgery or experience mobility issues can also benefit from the convenience of a bidet. There is less strain on the individual when it comes to clean up, and people can maintain their independence in the bathroom despite health challenges. 

Bidets have been deemed safe for use by pregnant women, and they are much easier to use than that oh-so sacred toilet paper. Even children can easily learn how to use a bidet or bidet sprayer, completely cleaning up all bathroom messes in no time. Just be careful that potty time doesn't turn into a water fight!


3.Less Waste

How much toilet paper do you flush down the toilet each year? Most of us cannot accurately guess the amount of toilet paper we use on a regular basis, but we know it is a lot.

According to Statista.com, the United States uses the most toilet paper in the world. An average American can be expected to use about 141 rolls per year. Whereas, a country like Italy, only uses 70 rolls of toilet paper per person annually. So, are they taking less poops or using less TP? 


Infographic: The U.S. Leads the World in Toilet Paper Consumption | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


Think of all that toilet paper just sitting in your pipes waiting to clog up your drains at the worst possible time. Better yet, think about how a bidet is an eco-friendly replacement or supplement to reducing a household’s average waste by unimaginable amounts each year.


4.Toilet Paper

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it's that we cannot rely on toilet paper. People were left scrambling when supply chains broke down and crowds panicked buying a lot of toilet paper. Who wasn't worried during this time? Preppers and those with bidets. 

Installing a bidet or bidet sprayer can greatly reduce your need for toilet paper. You spend less on bathroom tissue each year, and you won’t need to fight the crowds at the store in case of another global event that leaves the grocery shelves bare.

I will concede, however, that not everyone is comfy with straight up replacing TP entirely with a bidet. So, don't feel bad about giving a courtesy wipe at the end. Still, it will lower that TP consumption considerably. 


Types of Bidets

When you think of a bidet, you might picture a secondary toilet bowl without a seat. (Hope you didn't ever accidentally do your business in that one!) While this is the more traditional type of bidet, there are multiple options available, most of which will attach right to your existing toilet.


1.Handheld bidets

Handheld bidets, or bidet sprayers, are easy, compact, and convenient. Similar to a detachable shower head, the bidet sprayer features a nozzle that attaches to your toilet. Holding the nozzle, you can control where the water sprays and quickly clean up. The positioning of the water stream is entirely up to you, and you have more flexibility than other types of bidets.

A drawback to the handheld bidet is that they connect to your toilet's cold water line, so if you live in the tundra, then the water might get a little too frigid for one's liking.


2.Toilet seat bidets

Toilet seat bidets are exactly what the name suggests. You can replace your current toilet seat with a toilet seat bidet to enjoy the benefits of a bidet without having to get a separate toilet. This type of bidet typically features buttons to select your wash settings. Depending on the model, you may be able to adjust the spray until it is comfortable for you. Some of them also have an internal heating mechanism if you prefer to have warmer water where the sun don't shine.

A drawback here is that they can be quite pricy, considering that a handheld bidet can be over 10 times less expensive while performing essentially the same task/

TOILET SEAT BIDETS The Shower Head Store


3. Washlet bidets

Like toilet seat bidets, washlet bidets can be added on to your existing toilet. Similar to a toilet seat, these bidets have a lid and connect to the water supply. Washlets do not always look pretty because they require multiple hookups with exposed connections, but they offer many of the same settings and features as other types of bidets.

Washlet bidets The Shower Head Store



What makes a handheld bidet the best option for most?

Handheld bidets are a great way to experience the full benefits of a bidet without committing to a major expense. Cost-efficient and easy to install, bidet sprayers are compatible with all toilets You do not have to change the plumbing in your bathroom and the compact design of handheld bidets do not take up much space. 


Bidet sprayers are also very versatile. Because you can control the stream of water manually, there are many uses for handheld bidets. Toilet bidet sprayers are obviously useful for rinsing yourself, however, they can also be used as cloth diaper sprayers or for cleaning the toilet. You can keep your hands, rear, diapers, and bathroom clean with one handy tool. 

With sleek designs and chrome finishes, handheld bidets perfectly blend in with your bathroom, not drawing attention. A flexible hose provides the ultimate sense of control when washing up, ensuring you and your bathroom stay clean and hygienic.

Bidet sprayers connect to your toilet fill valve and toilet supply line, so you can add them to any toilet in your home that has a 7/8" fill valve nipple sticking out the bottom of the toilet tank. (Some newer ones have these fill valves inside the tank. So if you are looking to buy a new toilet and add a bidet, you'll want to stay away from these types of toilets.) 

If a guest or family member prefers not to use the bidet, your toilet continues to function as normal. The bidet sprayer is out of the way. The added level of control with a handheld bidet is also a great way to introduce yourself or others to using a bidet. Bidet sprayers do not have all of the buttons, functions, and settings of other bidets that can quickly become overwhelming.


How to Install a Bidet

Installing a bidet sprayer is simpler than you probably think. By using the fill valve and supply line for your existing toilet, you do not have to hire a plumber or change the plumbing in your bathroom. That is, if you have a flexible supply line connecting your water inlet to your toilet. If it's a straight, rigid piece, that can be easily be replaced at your local hardware store with a flex supply line.

Unlike traditional bidets or more complex washlet bidets, there is not much work to be done when installing a handheld bidet. Here, let me show you!


At The Shower Head Store, we offerEasy-to-install bidet sprayers that include all of the tools you need. The universal attachments are compatible with almost all toilets and come with a 3-Year Warranty for extra peace of mind. 

Watch our YouTube video above for step-by-step instructions on installing your bidet.

If you have any questions, our expert customer support team is standing by to guide you through the process. Seriously, even if nature calls and you aren't sure how to use the thing, give us a ring!

Justin Ball
Justin Ball

Hey there! I'm Justin Ball, founder of The Shower Head Store and HammerHead Showers®, the leader in All Metal Shower Heads and Accessories.

Before starting our own business, I worked for Moen Inc, so I know a thing or two about plumbing fixtures. When I'm not developing our products, I'm writing articles and filming videos so you have the best product experience, no matter which brand you buy. Thanks for your support!

Cheers! Justin Ball

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