Doorless Shower Ideas to Try in Your Bathroom

If turning your bathroom into your own spa-like space is on your list of goals for 2023, then it’s time to start exploring some doorless shower ideas. Doorless, walk-in showers are becoming an increasingly popular trend - and for good reason! They offer a seamless, modern design and are as practical as they are beautiful.

Door-less showers are exactly what they sound like: they’re designed to be used without any kind of enclosure, shower curtain or door. Instead, the shower area is designed as an open space that allows for easy access.

This shower trend is not for everyone, but if you’ve been looking for a simple way to make a big change to your bathroom, then a doorless walk-in shower might be right for you.

Keep reading to explore different doorless shower ideas and designs, the pros and cons of doorless walk-in showers, how to manage the doorless shower splash zone, and the best fixtures and shower heads for this type of shower.

Exploring The Types of Doorless Shower Designs

If you’ve been considering adding a doorless shower to your home, then you’ve probably already spent some time on Pinterest or Google searching for doorless shower ideas and design inspiration. 

You might also be feeling a little bit overwhelmed because there are so many ways to incorporate this trend into your bathroom! A doorless shower can be designed in several ways depending on the layout of your bathroom, your style, and the available space. 

A walk in doorless shower in a modern bathroom

The most popular types of doorless shower designs include:

Doorless Walk-In Shower

This is one of the most popular designs for a doorless shower. With a doorless, walk-in shower, you have a fairly standard shower but it’s designed with no door or only a partial glass panel. This type of shower is typically pretty easy to incorporate into an existing bathroom design, even if you aren’t renovating the whole space.

Doorless Shower with Wet Room

Another design option is to create a wet room, which is a larger open shower area that often includes a separate bathtub and might even include the toilet and sink. A good wet room design requires careful planning and installation to ensure that the water drains properly and the entire space is waterproof. 

Typically this type of doorless shower design would require a full bathroom remodel (and a whole lot of bathroom tiles!).

Doorless Shower Alcove

A third option is to create a shower alcove, which is a small, enclosed shower space that is open only on one side. This design offers privacy but still maintains the open look of a doorless shower. This is almost like a mini wet room that keeps the water contained in one space without having to tile your whole bathroom.

While you’re exploring doorless shower ideas, it’s important to think about which of these types of walk-in showers would be right for you and your home and to explore the pros and cons of a doorless shower.

Pros and Cons of a Doorless Walk-In Shower

If you’re ready to turn doorless shower ideas into your own bathroom reality, then here’s some good news: a doorless shower has several advantages over a traditional shower with a door or a curtain. 

But, like anything in life, there are some potential downsides too. Be sure to explore the pros and cons before adding a doorless shower to your home.

Doorless Shower Ideas to Love

One of the main advantages of a doorless shower is the sleek, modern look it gives to a bathroom. The open space can also make a bathroom appear larger since it removes any visual barriers that make a room feel cramped.

Another benefit of a doorless shower is that it is easier to clean than a traditional shower. Without a door or curtain, there is less chance of mold or mildew growing, and there are no tight spaces where dirt and grime can accumulate. You can also say goodbye to pesky water spots on glass shower doors and finally get rid of that squeegee that’s been living in your shower for years.

A doorless shower can also offer some safety benefits, particularly if you have someone in your home who needs assistance with walking or is just not as steady on their feet. If you design a doorless shower without a curb, you can create a totally seamless path from the bathroom into the shower that is easy to navigate for any member of your household.

Downsides to a Doorless Walk-In Shower

However, there are also some downsides to a doorless shower. For example, a doorless shower may not be the best option if you share the bathroom with others, as the lack of a door can make it harder to maintain privacy. 

If you’re using a doorless shower for a family bathroom (or you just know your kids will wind up walking into the bathroom when you’re trying to take a relaxing shower!), then you may want to consider adding a partial wall or partition to create some separation.

One of the biggest downsides of a doorless shower is the splash zone. Put simply, since there is no door or curtain to contain the water, there is a higher risk of water splashing out of the shower and onto the bathroom floor.

This can be a bigger issue for bathrooms with wood or carpeted floors since the water can cause damage and mold growth. And it’s why it’s so important to carefully plan the design of any doorless shower and make sure to choose the right fixtures, shower head, and style of the walk-in shower for your space.

Doorless Shower Ideas to Minimize the Splash Zone

The splash zone of a doorless shower is one of the most common issues with this type of bathroom design. The water can much more easily splash out of the shower and onto the bathroom floor when there's no glass door or shower curtain in the way.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to plan the shower design carefully and choose the right fixtures and shower heads.

One solution to the splash zone issue is to install a larger drain in the shower. A larger drain can help to quickly and efficiently drain the water from the shower, reducing the risk of standing water.

Another one of the best doorless shower ideas is to add a very slight slope to the shower floor, leading to the drain. This shower design ensures that any water that ends up farther away from the drain is much more likely to head in the right direction instead of out into other parts of the bathroom.

Another solution is to choose the right shower heads and fixtures. While there are many options for shower heads for a doorless shower, choosing a low-flow shower head or rain shower head can help reduce the risk of major water leaks.

A walk in doorless shower with glass partition and modern tile

Best Shower Heads for Doorless Showers

When choosing fixtures and shower heads for a doorless shower, it is important to choose products that will help to reduce the splash zone and provide a comfortable showering experience. 

And because you’re probably building a doorless shower at least partially because of the look and feel, it’s also important to find durable, beautiful shower fixtures that will look as good as they look.

Rain Shower Heads for Doorless Showers

One popular option for doorless showers is to install a rain shower head. Rain shower heads provide a gentle, even flow of water that helps to reduce the risk of water splashing out of the shower. They are also a popular design element, adding a touch of luxury to the bathroom.

If you’re hoping a doorless shower will give your bathroom a spa-like experience, then a rain shower head is a must-have addition! We recommend this all-metal, 8-inch rain shower head from HammerHead shower heads because it can be installed on the ceiling or via a wall-mount shower arm.

Low-Flow Shower Heads for Doorless Showers

Low-flow shower heads are another good doorless shower idea. These shower heads use less water, which can help to reduce the amount of water that splashes out of the shower. 

They are also an environmentally friendly choice because they use less water than traditional shower heads overall. If you live in California, you might even be required to use a low-flow shower head in your home.

A low-flow shower head will give you the look and feel of a traditional wall-mounted shower head but will be less likely to spray water outside your shower space.

We recommend this low-flow, all-metal shower head from HammerHead shower heads.

Handheld Shower Heads for Doorless Showers

Another option for doorless showers is a handheld shower head. Handheld shower heads provide flexibility and can be used to direct the water flow where it is needed. If you think you’ll be using your doorless shower to bath kids or pets, then a handheld shower head is a must. They are also a good choice for cleaning the shower, as they can be easily removed from the wall and used to clean hard-to-reach areas.

This HammerHead handheld shower head is all-metal and highly durable.

Dual Shower Head for Doorless Showers

If you want the best of both worlds for your doorless shower, then a dual shower head could be your best bet. A dual shower includes two different types of shower heads: typically a rain shower head and a hand-held shower head.

With a dual shower head, you can get the smaller splash zone (and spa-like luxury) of a rain shower head while also getting the targeted clean of a handheld shower head.

This dual shower head from HammerHead includes an 8-inch rain shower that can be installed on the wall or ceiling.

Is a Doorless Shower Right for You?

While a doorless shower can be a beautiful and functional addition to any bathroom, it is important to carefully consider whether this shower trend will work for your home and your family.

First, consider if you have the time, energy or budget to transform your bathroom. While some simple doorless shower ideas can be used for a DIY doorless shower project, many projects require a complete bathroom remodel (and the help of a contractor, designer and plumber).

Second, think about how much space you actually have in your bathroom. There are plenty of doorless shower designs for small bathrooms, but they take careful planning (and measuring!) before doing the actual work.

Finally, make sure to consider the needs of all members of the household who will be using this shower.

For families with young children, a doorless shower may not be the best option for the family bathroom. Children tend to be less careful about splashing and may create a larger splash zone, which can make the bathroom floor slippery and increase the risk of falls. In this case, you might want to save a doorless shower for your master bathroom.

If you have pets (especially dogs!), on the other hand, a doorless shower can be a good option, as it can be easier to clean up any messes without having to lift your dog in and out of the tub. However, it is important to consider the size and behavior of your pets. Large or active pets may create a larger splash zone, though, so make sure you’ve incorporated doorless shower ideas like a wet room or fully tiled bathroom.

Overall, while a doorless shower can be a great option for many homeowners, it is important to carefully consider the needs of all members of the household before making a final decision. With the right planning and installation, a doorless shower can be a beautiful and functional addition to any bathroom, even with kids and pets in the home.

A doorless shower with a half wall and circle window

Common Questions About Doorless Showers

Still wondering if a doorless shower is right for you? Explore our answers to some of the most common doorless shower questions.

Are doorless showers easy to clean?

Doorless showers are generally easier to clean than traditional showers with doors or curtains. Without any barriers, there are no tight spaces where dirt and grime can accumulate. Plus, you don’t have to worry about hard-to-clean glass shower doors or dingy shower curtains.

However, it is important to carefully plan the shower design and choose the right fixtures to reduce the splash zone and prevent water damage to the rest of the bathroom. Otherwise, you might find yourself mopping up splashes any time someone takes a shower.

Can you have a doorless shower in a small bathroom?

Yes, you can have a doorless shower in a small bathroom. In fact, a doorless shower can be a great option for small bathrooms, as it can create a sense of openness and can visually expand the space.

However, it's important to keep a few things in mind when considering a doorless shower for a small bathroom. First, you'll need to make sure that you have enough space for the shower. The minimum space needed for a comfortable shower is typically around 36 inches by 36 inches, but this can vary depending on your personal preferences and the size of the people using the shower.

You'll also want to make sure that you have proper ventilation in your bathroom, as a doorless shower can create more moisture and humidity in the room. Installing a fan or opening a window can help keep the air circulating and prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Does a walk-in shower devalue your home?

It most likely won’t. Walk-in showers are becoming increasingly popular, and are a feature that many potential buyers may appreciate. However, if you are removing a bathtub to install a walk-in shower, you could potentially reduce the appeal of your home to some buyers.

The quality and design of the walk-in shower play a big role in whether it adds or detracts from your home's value. 

If the shower is poorly designed, installed improperly, or of low quality, it could potentially hurt your home's value. On the other hand, a well-designed and high-quality walk-in shower can be a really desirable feature and can actually add value to your home.

An alcove doorless shower in a beige bathroom

Ready To Build Your Own Doorless Shower?

If you’ve been dreaming about adding a doorless shower to your bathroom, then what are you waiting for?

While there can be some challenges to designing and installing a doorless, walk-in shower, the right design, fixtures, and shower heads can help reduce the splash zone and make your shower the ultimate luxury in your home.

Have questions about choosing the right shower head for your doorless shower? Be sure to contact The Shower Head Store to speak with one of our shower head experts.

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