NEMO Hand Held Shower Head: The Best High Pressure Shower Head

**UPDATE** The NEMO Handheld Shower Head has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Fortunately, the Best High Pressure Shower Head category has a few other hard-hitting contenders: 

Best Compact High Pressure Shower Head

2 Inch Best High Pressure Shower Head from HammerHead Showers
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It might only be 2 inches in diameter, but this shower head packs a punch. It even comes with adjustable flow control so you can switch to a more moderate pressure or a rain-style spray with large water droplets. 

Best Multi-Function High Pressure Shower Head

Best High Pressure Shower Head Multi-Function from HammerHead Showers
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The powerful massage stream on this high pressure 3-Spray Handheld Shower Head is no match for sore muscles, soap or shampoo (even in the thickest hair or fur!). Switch to wide spray for all-over coverage or gentle mist to cool off on those hot days. This high pressure shower aims to please and doesn't disappoint. 

When it comes to having a great showering experience, high pressure is at the top of the list. From the people with low household water pressure to those with a clogged shower head, updating to a high pressure shower head can make all the difference. 

That said, the showerhead industry has been put in a pinch, as they're trying to please pressure-hungry consumers while also meeting the EPA's constantly changing standards for water flow rates. 

NEMO Hand Held Shower Head: The Best High Pressure Shower Head


That was until the NEMO High Pressure Hand Held Shower Head was introduced.


NEMO, the South Korea based Shower Head manufacturer, has developed a patented shower head specifically designed to increase pressure while meeting or exceeding the EPA guidelines. It's performance is so renowned, that it's been sold all over Asia, featured on QVC and is now available in the United States. 

Let's dive into the details and see just how the NEMO has earned the title of the Best High Pressure Shower Head.

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What Is The NEMO Shower Head?

The NEMO Shower Head is a Hand Held Showerhead with 4 sides that each have their own unique spray functions. The standard flow rate is 2.5 GPMs, but varies depending on the setting. In addition to its flow rate, there are two keys to its high pressure:

1) The pressurized water channel in the handle.

The NEMO Shower Head has a ceramic water filter built into the handle of the handshower. The ceramic water filter uses ceramic stones that have micro-pores which effectively filter out dust, debris, rust and bacteria. 

The handshower filter not only leaves you with more nourishing water, but it creates pressure inside of the showerhead. The water is squeezed through the filter in the handle building up pressure as it fills into the face of the shower head.

NEMO Shower HeadCeramic Water Filter

2) The expertly cut spray holes on the shower face.

Before the water is released through the shower head, it comes into contact with the spray holes. This adds that last level of pressure through the face of the shower head. The key to the pressurization here are the precisely cut holes in the stainless steel plate of the shower face. You'll find that the rainfall spray side of the shower head face has wider, oval shape holes which create larger pressurized streams. While on the Ionic spray side, NEMOs signature spray setting, there are over 220 fine holes cut out in the spray face, which create thinner streams for a relaxing shower experience.

The added perk of the Ionic spay?  You'll increase your water pressure while reducing your water usage by 30%!


NEMO Water Saving Shower Head Low Flow Rate


How NEMO's 4 Spray Functions Work

The NEMO Handheld Shower Head has 4 sides, all with their own unique spray functions. They can be changed by simply twisting the shower head. Yes, the shower head actually rotates 360 degrees!


NEMO Korean Shower Head Changing Settings


This eliminates buttons, triggers and tabs that so often break. The rotating head is easy, durable and just plain fun to use. 

What do you mean 4 sides? The NEMO Shower Head has a front and back with custom spray patterns, and then there are jets on the left and right of the Shower Head. 


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The 4 Spray Functions In Detail

Front & Back Sides

Rainfall (Front) - The rainfall spray is the main spray setting on the NEMO Shower Head. It gives you that full body coverage, for a warm shower. It's pressure is unmatched and is great for everything from rinsing the shampoo out of your hair to cleaning down the shower.


NEMO Rainfall Shower Head Spray


Ionic (Back) - The Ionic spray is all the trend in the shower head industry. NEMO's Signature Ionic Spray releases Negative Ions which mimics the natural healing effects of waterfalls, bringing you stress relief and relaxation. And due to NEMO's precision cut spray face, the NEMO Ionic spray releases 40,000 Negative Ions - up to 4 times the Negative Ions of competing brands.


NEMO Ionic Spray Shower Head Setting


Left & Right Sides

Mist (Left) - The mist It's exactly what it sounds like, a very light spray perfect to just cool down after a hot day or ideal for kids with extra sensitive skin.


NEMO Shower Head Mist Spray Setting


Massage (Right) - No shower head would be complete without a massage spray. With a super concentrated flow, it's sure to loosen up any tight muscles and release that built-up pressure after a long week.


NEMO Shower Head Massage Spray 

Is It Easy To Install?

Now, you may be wondering how to install the NEMO Shower Head. Good thing, it's pretty simple. The NEMO Shower Head includes ONLY the handheld showerhead. That means you'll fall into one of two installation groups:

1) If you have an existing Hand Held Shower Head

If you already have an existing hand held installed, then all you need to do is unscrew your older handshower from the hose and screw on the NEMO Handshower. It's as easy as that!

2) If you do not have an existing Hand Held Shower Head 

If you are upgrading to a handheld showerhead from a normal fixed shower head, then you will need to also buy a shower hose and shower holder. We recommend the following products:

Metal Shower Hose: The Hose connects the hand held to your wall outlet, and gives you that flexibility to move around the handshower. 


All Metal 72 inch shower hose from HammerHead Showers

 Metal Shower Hose Flexible Stainless Steel 72 Inch Hose For Hand Held Shower Heads

Metal Shower Holder: The Holder attaches to your shower arm and acts as the hook where you can dock the handshower. It is also where you connect one side of the shower hose.

Metal Shower Holder Bracket Hook Wall Mount Dock For Hand Held Shower Heads

Available In 2 Finishes

You can buy your NEMO Shower Head in Chrome & Black. The main shower head is Chrome, but there is some custom trim in Black around the Shower Head face to give a little more design character. You can check both of them out here at The Shower Head Store.

Check Out The Chrome Finish

Nemo High Pressure Shower Head Black Chrome

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