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by Justin Ball

Increase the resale value of your home with a bathroom remodel

Thinking about getting your house ready for resale? Or maybe you just want to get rid of that pink bathroom with polished brass fixtures. (Unless that's your thing.) Whatever the case, then you've probably considered remodeling your bathroom. Now, these projects can be both pricey and take a lot of time. So, you don’t want to squander them on a project that won’t deliver a significant return on the resale value of your home or enjoyment factor.

You should be happy to know that remodeling your bathroom(s) is usually a pretty solid investment when it comes to improving your home’s value. In this post we’ll spill all the beans on bathroom remodels so you know what to expect and how you can get the best bang for your buck.


Why you should invest in a bathroom remodel

Remodeling your bathroom is a great investment that adds to the value of your home. According to This Old House, bathroom remodels/additions gave an average 81% return on investment. This is especially important in the resale of your home, as a remodel can add thousands to the estimated value of your house. 

In today’s world, time equals money and your potential buyers don’t want to spend extra time doing additional work, they want something that is move-in ready. Renovating your outdated bathrooms will not only add to the resale value of your home, but could also bring you more potential interested buyers.


Return on investment

Raise your hand if you have a pink bathroom or yellow subway tile? No way, me you have both?! OK, that's actually a good thing, and we'll tell you.

Based on the condition of your previous bathroom, remodeling your space can lead to some big monetary returns. If you have an old space that is 20+ years outdated, you can see anywhere from 60% - 100% return on your investment, according to Modern Bathroom.  

One of the investment aspects that is often overlooked is the happiness return. According to the National Association of Realtors 2017 Remodeling Impact Report, 75% of homeowners want to be in their homes more after a remodeling project, and 65% have more fun in their homes. I mean, have you ever watched the popular HGTV show Love it or List it? Is it me or do most people end up Loving It?


Whether you are remodeling your bathroom for future owners or for your own personal interests, you will be happier and more satisfied after the renovation. Think about it, your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your house. It makes sense for it to look nice and feel nice, too. Imagine having more space where previously you had none, or being able to enjoy that new walk-in shower. Starting your day off in a happier mood also boosts your productivity throughout the day, according to studies.


Timeline of a bathroom remodel

Aside from the question of cost, people always want to know how long a bathroom remodel takes. We get it. Contractors coming in and out of your home for weeks or months is not very convenient and can be downright annoying at times.  

According to the popular home website, Spruce.com, the timeline of a bathroom remodel can take anywhere from four weeks to a few months, depending on the amount of work. If you are adding new walls, moving plumbing lines, or even doing bump outs to expand a master bathroom, you can expect this to take a few months to complete.

Another factor to consider is the size of your bathroom. More square footage equals more time, more labor, flooring, parts, etc. However, if you are doing a simple bathroom refresh with replacing tile, fixtures, etc. while keeping the shell of space as is, this will significantly cut down on the timeline. 

If you have the time and money to do a bigger remodel, this is the better option since a full-blown bathroom renovation will lead to more return on your investment for a few reasons. One, there is more potential to put in special features such as a walk-in shower or jetted-tub if you are extending the size of your bathroom. Another benefit to increasing the size of your bathroom is that more square footage means more value to your home.

Costs of a bathroom remodel

If you have to choose only one bathroom to remodel, the best bet is to renovate your master bathroom. No matter who purchases your home, you know the master will be the go-to bathroom, so it’s a safe bet. 

Since the master bathroom tends to have more square footage and more features, you can expect the costs of this bathroom renovation to be larger. 

If you have a tight budget, one of the best low cost ways you can update your bathroom is by switching out the plumbing fixtures. Items such as sink faucets, shower heads, and decorative lighting are beautiful ways to add a bit of trendy style into an otherwise utilitarian space. These items can become outdated rather quickly so updating these elements will significantly change the design and style of your bathroom.

This is a great solution for bathrooms that are fairly classic in design, such as a white subway tile hall bath or a simple powder room. Swapping out these fixtures can dramatically upgrade the look and feel of a bathroom. Since plumbing fixtures can look great and be generally low cost, you can extend your investment by focusing onall the bathrooms in your house. It brings a cohesive look to your home’s design and can even update the functionality.

For example, you can update a fixed shower head to one with dual shower heads, for a more awe-inspiring showering experience. Even if this is the only upgrade you make to your bathroom, an amazing showerhead will far and away have the biggest impact on enhancing your time spent in the bathroom.

It's often difficult to generalize the costs of a bathroom remodel, since each bathroom is unique and comes with a different set of challenges and features. While labor costs (unless you plan to DIY) are fairly even across states, the costs of products and materials is where you will see the greatest price range. Tile can range anywhere from a dollar a square foot to hundreds of dollars for the same amount. Only you will be able to assess your budget based on the items you are selecting and putting into your bathroom remodel. 

As a rough guide, here are the estimated ranges for 2020 of what it costs to remodel certain bathrooms according to Home Advisor:

Powder Room - $5,000 - $10,000

Guest Bathroom: $14,000 - $20,000

Master Bathroom: $30,000 and Up


What To Focus On

Now that we have thrown a lot of information and big numbers at you, let’s help you narrow it down so you can spend your time and money wisely. Here are the key areas to focus on when remodeling.


1. Vanity


The vanity gets a lot of use in bathrooms and is one of the main focal points. It is the space where we wash our hands, brush our teeth, check out how we look, and all in all get ready for our days and turn in for our evenings. Replacing or updating your vanity is an opportunity for you to update your storage options if this is an area where your current vanity is lacking. You might also consider upgrading to a double bowl vanity, as couples often prefer to have their own sinks and stations. Make sure to upgrade those details as well, such as the faucets, cabinet knobs, and mirrors.


2. Flooring



Another important update in any bathroom remodel is the flooring. Oftentimes, the flooring will not only be outdated in terms of style, but start to show its age in discoloration, cracks, or dents. 

As far as materials go, tile is one of the best choices for the bathroom floor, but long gone are the days where you are limited to choosing between bright pink or black and white (thank goodness). There are so many tile choices to choose from, not only in terms of color but also look. You can even get tile that resembles wood or stone. Talk about an upgrade!


3. Tub/Shower

The shower and/or tub is the oasis of a bathroom. It’s the spot we go to relax and unwind, so it’s an important area to focus on. You can replace the tile in your current shower for an instant upgrade, or go all out and install a brand new walk-in shower.

Updating the fixtures is a must when you do a shower or tub remodel. In today’s tech-fancy world, there are so many fixtures out there with all the bells and whistles to choose from, such as rain shower heads, body sprays and free standing tub fillers.

Go for something with extra features to add and make your bathroom feel special. These luxury elements, such as a rain shower head mounted from the ceiling, help attract buyers and draw them to the unique features of your space. To better understand what you will need for your shower and tub remodel, check out our complete list of fixtures you will need for your bathroom renovation

If you can, another major improvement to a bathroom is separating the tub and shower. This may require you to bump out a wall or two, but it is well worth it. Tub and shower combos, while an efficient use of space, don’t really utilize these features to the best of their abilities. The shower usually has a curtain divider or is small to stand in, while the bathtub just isn’t quite deep enough for a good soak. Not to mention that they are just straight boring! Giving these two items their own space in a bathroom can dramatically enhance the experience of your time in the bathroom.

Now that you know more about how long a bathroom remodel will take, the average costs, and some good features that you can focus on, you can make an informed decision on whether or not a bathroom renovation is a good investment for you. Don't forget, you can always start small, as any change will likely have some meaningful impact on the look and feel of your bathroom.

Justin Ball
Justin Ball

Hey there! I'm Justin Ball, founder of The Shower Head Store and HammerHead Showers®, the leader in All Metal Shower Heads and Accessories.

Before starting our own business, I worked for Moen Inc, so I know a thing or two about plumbing fixtures. When I'm not developing our products, I'm writing articles and filming videos so you have the best product experience, no matter which brand you buy. Thanks for your support!

Cheers! Justin Ball

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