Top 3 Benefits of Teak Shower Mats

Striking the perfect balance between a luxury aesthetic and durable quality is easier said than done, especially when it comes to the damp and often messy environment of the bathroom. Plush bath mats quickly lose their fluff and show signs of wear and tear within months. Thinner mats and rugs never want to stay in place. The solution? A teak shower mat.   

Think about how many bath mats you’ve purchased throughout the years – either out of necessity or because you changed up your bathroom’s color scheme. The upfront cost of a teak bathroom floor mat catches some people off guard, but its timeless appeal and natural resistance to mold and mildew makes it THE most commonly overlooked investment when it comes to your bathroom decor.

Teak shower mats: the history and advantages of teak wood 

Teak is naturally resistant to mold and mildew

The practice of using teak wood in marine environments dates back thousands of years to its commercial origins in boat building. Craftsman in south and southeast Asia discovered several properties that make teak wood perfectly suited for wet, humid conditions. This tropical hardwood is: 

  • Resistant to mold, mildew and pests – Teak is rich in natural oils that won’t diminish over time. These oils deter insects and provide long-term mold and mildew prevention 
  • Durable – It’s totally possible that the teak shower bench you’re eyeing could last the rest of your lifetime. Depending on the origin of the wood and integrity of the production process, you could be looking at anywhere from a 50-100 year lifespan 
  • Low maintenance –  We’re not kidding, upkeep is as simple as periodically gently scrubbing with a mild soap or detergent and rinsing thoroughly to remove any residue. That’s it!

Teak wood certainly withstands the test of time. But what other benefits can you expect? We've rounded up the top 3:  

Teak bath accessories are better for you and the environment 

Teak shower mats are more durable than plastic bath mats

Many of the most popular styles of bath mats are either made entirely of plastic or have a rubber backing, both of which release toxic chemicals during production and can continue to emit toxins during use. 

Then there’s the issue of water getting easily trapped underneath these mats, creating a slimy layer of bacteria that eventually leads to the formation of mold and mildew. Definitely not what you want to be exposing yourself to in the shower. 

Wooden shower mats are slightly raised off of the floor, allowing them to always dry completely and eliminate the accumulation of water and bacteria underneath. But even if you manage to keep the mold at bay, rubber-backed mats and mats made of softer fibers (cotton, polyester, microfiber, etc.) require frequent machine washing that causes changes in the overall texture and appearance, leading to continual replacement. 

Teak shower mats are infinitely longer-lasting than their plush counterparts, and can be recycled or upcycled when they do finally reach the end of their life cycle: a win-win for your wallet and the environment. 

Inside and outside use 

The beauty of teak bath mats is that their water resistance is equally as effective outdoors. Make your hot tub area a little safer with a teak shower mat at the exit, or replace those doormats once and for all – you can’t go wrong with a touch of minimalist luxury. 

Have an outside shower? A teak shower floor mat works perfectly as a grate to keep your feet out of standing water. Don’t have an outside shower but wish you did? What if we said you can install a DIY shower kit for under $100

Head over to our full article for a complete breakdown of the process and turn a weekend project into a lifetime of outside showering.

Elevate aesthetics – and your mood! 

A teak shower bench or wooden shower mat is like the little black dress of bathroom decor – versatile and always in style, adding elegance and depth to any space. You can have the freedom to indulge in deep colors, vibrant patterns, or keep it simple with a minimalist approach while your teak bath accessories remain soothing statement pieces. 

Research has shown that bringing elements of nature inside the home – house plants, terrariums, wooden furniture and accessories – has a positive psychological impact and can even reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Make your bathroom your happy place with a teak shower mat or teak shower bench.

Tips for choosing the best teak shower mat

Protect yourself from inferior teak that won’t live up to the hype and shop responsibly by not supporting unsustainable forestry practices. With the right teak products, you can do both:

The different teak grades: A, B, and C

Teak grades – what are they and why do they matter?

At first glance, the wide price range of teak furniture and accessories is a little baffling, until you learn about the three different grades of teak:. 

  • Grade A – This is the highest quality and will have a warm color like wheat, honey, or amber. Taken from the heartwood at the center of the teak tree, it has smaller pores (known as close grained) and the highest amount of natural oils
  • Grade B – This grade is sourced from the outer edge of the heartwood. The oil concentration is lower and the grain not as close, resulting in a slightly duller appearance
  • Grade C – Made from sapwood (the outermost layer of the tree), this grade appears almost pale in color because the wood is still developing and the oils are not locked in. The grain is uneven, weakening the wood and making it prone to spitting, warping, or even rotting

As they both originate from the heartwood, Grades A and B are very similar in texture, color, oil content and longevity. Since Grade A typically costs twice as much as Grade B, choosing Grade B is a great way to balance cost and quality.  

Between Grades B and C, however, you'll notice a drastic decrease in overall quality. While it might be tempting to save money up front by choosing teak bath accessories at a significantly lower price point, Grade C will not hold up nearly as well over time. It is also not uncommon for suppliers to try and pass off lesser quality teak as Grades A or B, so it's important to only buy from reputable companies.

Ethical Sourcing

Teak plantations support sustainable harvesting practices

Regulated teak plantations were established roughly 200 years ago, particularly in the Java region of Indonesia, in order to meet rising export demands. To maintain healthy regrowth rates, these plantations impose strict limits on the amount of teak harvested at any given time. 

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an organization with 30 years of experience in forest management certification, independently audits plantations to ensure their operation protects biological diversity and continues to benefit the lives of workers and local people. FSC certification is synonymous with responsible forestry and always a plus. 

Teak supplied from old-growth forests or unregulated areas is not held to these same standards, leading to widespread unsustainable harvesting practices and even social or political upheaval (as is the case with US-sanctioned teak from Burma).

Our top recommendation for teak bath accessories

Hopefully by this point you are on the hunt for high-grade, responsibly sourced teak – if so, we’ve got good news for you:

Responsibly sourced grade A teak shower mat rectangle
Shop now for responsibly sourced grade A teak shower mat rectangle

Our superior quality Grade B teak bathroom floor mats are every bit as practical as they are luxurious. But be forewarned, you might find yourself wanting to replace all the mats in the house (and patio, porch, pool, deck, RV…)! Rich in natural oils, this teak shower mat is the real deal with lasts-for-generations durability.  

Responsibly sourced grade A teak shower mat square
Shop now for responsibly sourced grade A teak shower mat square

If teak shower floor mats add a touch of warmth – visually and physically – to any space, then a teak shower bench is the ultimate aesthetic upgrade. Enjoy all of the comfort of stable shower seating with the flexibility to move it around based on each person’s needs. Plus, you can finally shave like a pro – no balancing required!

Responsibly sourced Grade A teak shower bench 12 inches


Shop now for responsibly sourced grade A teak shower bench 16 inches

All of our teak bath accessories are made using wood sourced from responsibly managed Indonesian plantations, come fully assembled with no visible hardware, and include a 2 year warranty against cracking and warping. 

Responsibly sourced Grade A Teak showe bench 12 inches
Shop now for responsibly sourced grade A teak shower bench 12 inches

Maintaining your teak shower mat or bench

Don’t overcomplicate it! Mild soap or detergent and a soft scrubbing brush is more than enough to keep teak shower mats looking and feeling their best. Harsh cleaners, abrasive brushes and rigorous scrubbing can damage the wood and remove protective oils from the surface.

For a disinfecting deep clean, simply include a small amount of white vinegar (aim for a 10:1 ratio of soapy water to vinegar) to form a powerful cleaning solution.

What NOT to do with your teak shower floor mat

Many people make the mistake of thinking they are adding a protective layer to their teak bathroom accessories by applying teak oil. Don’t fall into this trap! A layer of teak oil may temporarily restore color loss from the natural aging process of teak, but does far more harm than good in the long run.

Teak oil you purchase at the store is not pure teak oil, but a combination of other oils, solvents and synthetic additives. Commercially produced teak oil removes some of the natural oils each time it evaporates, making the teak dependent on repeat applications to prevent it from drying out.

It does nothing to actually slow down or reverse any color changes that occur AND you're stuck doing it forever. 

Upgrade to a teak shower mat today

You don’t have to knock down walls or install a vanity to make a huge difference in your bathroom or shower – a classic rectangle or modern square teak bath mat, cozy 12” or a spacious 16” teak shower bench, or an All Metal Shower Head can transform the space in a matter of minutes. Visit our store today and experience the HammerHead Showers® difference for yourself!

HammerHead Showers All Metal Shower Heads and Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

Is teak oil good for teak wood? 

Teak oil you buy in the store is NOT the same as the naturally occurring oils found inside the wood. Applying synthetic oil has the potential to strip the natural oils and make the wood permanently dependent on repeat applications. Contrary to popular belief, store-bought teak oil does not reverse or prevent color changes that occur as teak ages. 

Is color variation in teak normal?

Long-term exposure to the elements, including UV rays, is responsible for the silvery gray patina of older teak. Teak furniture and accessories used indoors generally maintain their rich color for longer than teak used outdoors, but color changes occur naturally in both settings.   

Is all teak wood the same?

All teak wood comes from the same species of tree, but varies greatly depending on the grade: grade A is from the heartwood at the center of the tree and is the highest quality, grade B is from the immature heartwood and has a slightly less dense grain, grade C is sapwood from the outermost part of the tree and is prone to warping and cracking due to its low natural oil content.

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