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Welcome to the Videos Page at The Shower Head Store! 

Here you'll find all of our video content where we'll show you the unboxing of our product, how to install shower heads and general tips on maintaining and repairing your showerheads and accessories.

HammerHead Showers Introduction 

The Shower Head Store is the home of HammerHead Showers, the leader in Solid Metal Shower Heads and Accessories. The founder, Justin Ball, shares why he created a shower head company that makes high quality shower heads with brass and stainless steel, not cheap plastic that so easily breaks.

HammerHead Showers: The Leader In All Metal Shower Heads & Accessories

Product Videos 

Shopping for a new hand held shower head or rainfall shower? Check out these unboxing videos to get a close up look at the features of each shower head and accessory.

NEMO Hand Held Shower Head Review: The Best High Pressure Shower Head
Unboxing Video: 100% Metal Hand Held Shower Head with Hose Set by HammerHead Showers
Unboxing Video: 100% Metal Hand Held Shower Head with Hose Set by HammerHead Showers
Unboxing Video: Metal Rain Shower Heads by HammerHead Showers

How-to Videos 

Installing that new shower head in your bathroom and want to make sure it goes off without a hitch? Our How To Videos are thorough and easy to follow, ensuring you know the best way to install your new shower head!

How To Attach A Garden Hose To A Shower Arm
How To Replace A Hand Held Shower Head Holder by HammerHead Showers
How To Install A Hand Held Shower Head Set by HammerHead Showers Compressed
How To Install A Rain Shower Head by HammerHead Showers
How To Install A Custom Dual Shower Head With Handheld Using An External Shower Diverter Valve

Tips, Maintenance & Cleaning 

Cleaning and maintaining your bathroom, shower and shower heads are not only important to a products longevity, but they make this beautiful space feel warm and welcoming. Seriously, nothing's worse than stepping in and out of a moldy tub or using a shower head that has a cock-eyed sprayer. Explore our tips and tricks to ensure that your bathroom sparkles and you get the best performance from your shower head!

How To Clean A Shower With Vinegar And A Natural Alternative To Dawn Soap