10 Reasons to Get a Handheld Shower Head

Fixed shower heads have been the standard for many years, but handheld shower heads now offer a convenient and comfortable alternative. As its name suggests, this product is essentially a detachable shower head that can be held and moved at will during the shower, rather than being immovably fixed on the wall of the shower. Handheld shower heads are growing in popularity and for good reason.

Hand held shower heads are usually sold in packages that include a detachable hose and holder to mount the showerhead. You get all of the freedom to leave the shower head in place like a fixed shower head or take it off the wall to use it however you see fit.

Read on to see if any of the reasons we suggest for having a hand held shower head are areas where you have struggled with your current shower head setup. With a proven list of uses surely you’ll find a few ways a hand held shower head could benefit you and your family. Now let's get down to the 10 reasons to consider adding one to your home. 

Hand Held Shower Heads Make Showering a Breeze

Rinsing under a fixed shower involves moving yourself to get every area of your body clean. Rinsing with a handheld shower head means simply moving the shower head where you require it. This can simplify the showering process. No more contorting and twisting in the shower to reach the right places. Simply direct your shower head to the correct areas to get cleaner, faster.

You may not want to wash your hair every time you step into the shower. Skipping the hair is almost impossible with a fixed shower head, but a handheld shower head makes it easy to wash only those parts of the body you want to. That makes shaving your legs, taking a dry-hair shower, rinsing off children's dirty feet, and other tasks quick and efficient.

Convenient Seated Showering

In a modern house, the bathroom interior includes furniture and a shower head with a hose.

Many individuals are unable to comfortably or safely shower standing up. Elderly individuals, disabled individuals, and those who suffer from arthritis, joint pain, or other health concerns may find it difficult to shower standing up. 

With a handheld shower head, it's easy for seated individuals to have complete independence when taking their showers. They can simply hold on tight and get rinsing without worrying about someone else helping them wash off or drying off afterwards! 

Easy Showering of Children

a woman's hand holding a shower head and bathing a smiling baby

Another group of people who often struggle with a fixed shower head is children. Young people typically dislike the noise and pressure from the shower, as well as the tendency of water to get into their eyes. 

Handheld shower heads make showering more comfortable for children by avoiding all of these potential issues. Kids can take control over their shower by holding the shower head themselves. The ability to adjust the flow of water can help them find a setting that works best for them. And, the ability to move the shower head anywhere can make it simple for kids or their parents to rinse, wash hair, and get rid of shampoo without getting water in their face or eyes.  

Efficient Pet Showers

While bathing a medium-sized dog, a woman's arm holds a shower head with hose.

People are not the only ones who can benefit from handheld shower heads. Pets can also be more efficiently and conveniently cleaned using this tool. The flexibility of the shower head allows dog owners in particular to direct the spray of water anywhere they desire on their dog, while avoiding uncomfortable spray in the face and eyes. Plus, the concentrated spray from the handheld shower head can make rinsing one's dog more effective and efficient. 

Pets are part of our families, and we want the best for them. Bathing your furry friend at home with a dog shower head is a great way to bond with your pet as you brush and groom them. It is also a fun family activity, especially if you have young children who would love playing with your pet in the soapy bubbles. Add on the cost savings and you have a win-win solution to a common pet owner problem! 

Spa-Like Experience

Luxury and comfort should not be reserved for the spa. With the right tools, your bathroom can become your own personal oasis, and handheld shower heads can help. While easy to attach to existing shower arms and plumbing, these fixtures also add a level of indulgence that can make showering feel luxurious and not just practical. 

Handheld shower heads usually come with a massager setting, as well as multiple settings to regulate water flow. Use these settings to pamper yourself, relax from a busy day, wake up in the morning, and enjoy a shower completely customized to your needs.  

Hand Held Shower Heads are Green and Clean!

Handheld shower heads also have the potential to use less water than do fixed shower heads. By allowing you to quickly reach every area of your body for washing and rinsing with the detachable shower head, these shower heads can shorten your overall shower time and waste less water. That can be good for the environment and for your water bill.

Cleaning your shower is also easier when you choose a handheld shower head. Because you can hold this detachable shower head and direct the flow of water anywhere you want, you can easily rinse away the soap and cleansers when you clean your shower. This tool also makes it simple to rinse out your shower after every use, which can keep it looking clean and fresh for longer. You may even find yourself needing to deep clean your shower less often.


Hand Held Shower Heads Offer Total Versatility

close-up of a woman standing while holding a handheld shower head and bathing

Finally, a handheld shower head offers the ultimate in versatility. You can place the shower head in the shower arm to enjoy a fixed shower experience. Or, you can grab the shower head to customize your shower experience and introduce efficiency into the process.

Honestly, Hand Held Shower Heads are our favorite type of shower head because of their versatility. If you choose the right one, you can have all the benefits of a fixed shower head with all the flexibility of having a detachable shower head with hose.

Now you know the many advantages that Handheld shower heads offer to improve your shower experience. Discover the right one for your bathroom here at The Shower Head Store. Below are a few of our bestselling Handheld shower heads. 

Hand Held Shower Head Collection


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