Delta 3-Way Shower Diverter With Hand Shower Holder Mount

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Delta 3-Way Shower Diverter Valve

Delta 3-Way Shower Diverter Valve Review

The Delta 3-Way Shower Arm Diverter with the holder mount is the perfect way to build your own Dual Shower Head. Simply attach the external Shower Diverter to your Shower Arm and then you can add your ideal shower heads. 

The built in holder bracket makes installing your Hand Held Shower Head oh-so simple. With a 3-Way function, you can run either shower head individually or both at the same time for an awesome custom shower set up without the cost of a plumber.

Pros: Solid Metal Construction; 3-Way Diverter; Universal Holder Bracket

Delta 3-Way Shower Arm Diverter Features

Includes: Shower Arm Diverter

Shower Head Specifications

  • Available Finishes: Chrome, Stainless, Venetian Bronze
  • Diverter Type: 3-Way
  • Inlet Connection: 1/2" IPS
  • Outlet Connection: 1/2" IPS
  • Diverter Material: Brass
  • Threaded Fitting Material: Brass
  • Flow Rate: N/A (Flow Rate controlled by Showerhead)
  • Ease of Installation: DIY