Bamboo Bathroom Shelf Wall Mounted Storage Rack

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Bamboo Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelf

Bamboo Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelf

Is it time that you organized the toiletries in your bath room? This Bamboo Bathroom Shelf by Soothing Styles is the perfect way to neatly gather all of your toiletries, hair products, soaps, oils and whatever you may want to feature on it.

The rich Bamboo is a perfect touch of decor that can brighten up even the most basic bathroom. Designed with extra deep 4 inch shelves, you can easily fit all of your large jars and bottles. 

The sturdy build and built in wall mount brackets makes it perfect to hang on your wall, or you could just as well stand it on your counter top. Unlike most wooden storage shelf, this wood shelf by Soothing Styles comes pre-assembled using durable wood screws, so you can enjoy it for many years to come! Also, Bamboo is naturally mold and mildew resistant, so it can easily withstand 

So go ahead, add a decorative touch to your bathroom with this wooden storage shelf that will make finding your most important toiletries a breeze!


    Bamboo Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelf Specifications

    • Storage Rack Dimensions: 15.6 x 15 x 4.8 inches
    • Shelf Depth: 4 inches
    • Shelf Material: Bamboo
    • Installation Type: Countertop or Wall Mount
    • Distance Between Wall Mount Brackets: 15 1/8"
    • Ease of Installation: No Assembly Required
    • Includes: Storage Shelf, Wall Mount Screws, Drywall Anchors

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